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5 Character Traits that Make an NFL-Level Athlete With Football Coach Pierre Ingram

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Pierre Ingram .

Pierre Ingram, American Football Coach, Shares The Personality Traits That Build Pro Athletes

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2021 / -- It can be tough to pinpoint exactly what it takes to be successful as a professional athlete. Here, we've compiled a list of five top personality traits that can be seen in NFL superstars.

1. Extreme Focus

NFL players need to be able to turn off anything that's going on in their lives — including family issues, relationship problems, and personal stressors — to fully focus on the task at hand. Successful athletes seem to be able to flip a switch, allowing them to get their heads in the game quickly.

2. Motivation to Win

Pro athletes have a lifelong drive to be at the top of their game, according to Pierre Ingram. In order to succeed at the professional level, it's important for athletes to stay motivated to win, no matter what difficulties they face along the way. Top NFL players are constantly looking toward their next game and doing all that they can to inch ahead of the competition. It's key to constantly stay focused on anything that can give them a competitive edge, from perfecting their nutrition to spending time with a physical therapist to ensure that any injuries are fully rehabbed.

3. Ambitious Goal Setting

It's important for pro athletes to strike a balance between lofty and realistic goals, according to coach Pierre Ingram. Goals that are set too high can result in feelings of inadequacy, while goals that are set too low aren't often motivating. Professional athletes are able to look at their past performance and develop goals that will help them stay focused, centered, and ready to achieve the next step in their careers.

4. Optimism

Mistakes are inevitable, both in practice and in competition. Professional athletes have high expectations for themselves, but they also see failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. NFL players know that they're going up against other top athletes every time they step on the field, and they're constantly looking for ways to get better. Successful athletes know how to analyze setbacks and use them to motivate their drive to do better in the future.

5. Self-Confidence

Pierre Ingram says that a belief in oneself is key when it comes to achieving great things on the field. All athletes have off days, and a strong sense of self-confidence is what keeps them coming back for more even when things don't go their way. Self-confidence can be built over time, but many successful athletes have a seemingly ingrained belief in their ability to succeed from the start.

Pierre Ingram
Pierre Ingram
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