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WOKE The Official Book - Alert to Injustice in Society released by Really Big Coloring Books® | ColoringBook.com of St. Louis, MO

Our company focuses on customers needs, their goals and wishes. We are a Publishing Company and never a partisan hack company. We show snapshots of America, its great diversity, we put that on paper.”
— N. Wayne Bell, Publisher at ColoringBook.com
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The word woke was first printed in a 1962 New York Times essay by the author William Melvin Kelly. Aside from being the past participle of wake, for decades, it meant conscious and aware - but the slang word has come to represent an embrace of progressive activism, as well. Different dictionary's will describe woke differently, the Urban Dictionary, Dictionary.com and Wikipedia all have meanings with some variance. Woke is mostly now used as a progressive word of actions; "Are you Woke"?

The 8.5 x 11 inch Woke book is printed on high bright white nice pages and the covers are a high end glossy thick card-stock. The inside 36 pages are unique with coloring pages, photography pages, games, puzzles, mazes and activities all surrounding the word woke, its meaning and impact on society. Now available exclusively on www.ColoringBook.com and Amazon.com and soon the book will soon be available in bookstores everywhere. Priced at a modest $7.99 per copy also included is a nice musical piece called American Standoff by Bruesstar, which can be downloaded via QR Code with any cell phone camera. The QR Code is located on the front cover of the book or click this link: https://www.coloringbook.com/songs/Colortonesbanjo1.mp3 .

Publisher Wayne Bell stated, "We cover all of America, we don't judge, we report the facts the way we find them." Bell has spent a lifetime of publishing, nearly four decades. A personal motto of his, "you never need a reason to help people", and it’s true, you don’t. "You can’t help everybody, but you can always help somebody", says Bell. Throughout the decades of publishing, he says he always kept in mind, the books he publishes are not about him, not about his company and not his opinions. Bell continued, "We focus on customers, their needs, their wishes, and their goals. Simply put, we are a publishing company, we are not a partisan hack company. We take a snapshot of America, its great diversity, and put that on paper, everyone is included. Being diverse, inclusive, non-judgmental, and accepting of others is always a good start in my book. It opens the door to discussion, conversation and before you know it, you may have a new friend. Not always fun times, but this attitude and spirit has provided our company stability, strength and staying power. We love who we are, and we love you, for who you are". Bell resides in St. Louis, MO and he founded Really Big Coloring Books® | ColoringBook.com.

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