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Sense Distribution


Latham Woodward, CEO of Sense Distribution and Shoogies

Brand Incubates Over One Dozen Diverse Craft Cannabis Brands

I care immensely about this industry being taken away from people who care, people who have put their life into it, and the people who have paved the way for everyone else.”
— Latham Woodward, CEO of Sense Distribution and Shoogies
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 15, 2021 / -- Sense Distribution is thrilled to announce that they have expanded their distribution to include over a dozen diverse cannabis brands thanks in large part to owner and Dazed and Infused podcast host Latham Woodward, who was also nominated for the Best Business Leader of the Year by the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

This expansion for Sense Distribution comes fresh off of a document being leaked from the United States Cannabis Council, which revealed plans to consolidate the industry to the largest brands and Forbes claiming that 2022 will be the year of competition and consolidation in cannabis. As the business of cannabis continues to grow into new states with eyes towards federal legalization, independent cannabis brands will likely have a more difficult time than ever becoming successful, in spite of these new opportunities.

Investors who are concerned only with dollar signs are nothing new to Woodward, who before running Sense distribution and his own brand, Shoogies, served on the Board of Directors of the West Oakland Chamber of Commerce. There, he saw predatory lending destroy the West Oakland neighborhood, which had historically been home to middle class people of color. The similarities between the gentrification of the East Bay and cannabis are alarming to Woodward who says, “I care immensely about this industry being taken away from people who care, people who have put their life into it, and the people who have paved the way for everyone else.”

As such, Sense Distribution fosters quality cannabis via their incubation platform, which extends beyond basic distribution into true market support. According to Woodward, “We’re bringing people to the market, who may not even have licenses, connecting them with manufacturers, and shepherding them from conception to shelf.” While brands benefit from Sense’s expertise, they also get the extra support in that the distribution firm takes only tail-ended equity in their incubator brands, and pulls nothing out of operational funds during the span of equity ownership, giving each one time to grow and meet the challenges of the constantly changing legal cannabis space. Sense only makes money from their incubator brands on transactional events that mutually benefit Sense and the brands.

The goal for Sense is to create a market that respects both entrepreneurs and consumers while cultivating community and creativity. As a new industry, cannabis has the opportunity to reflect contemporary values that encourage diversity. Forty percent of the brands Sense works with are owned by women or people of color. “I want to affirm that these communities have worth, product and vision,” says Woodward, “Some of the most innovative ideas that I see coming to cannabis are from women and minority owned brands, because they have ideas that they see a real need for, and that’s the dystopian difference between what the dispensaries are telling people to like, and what the community says it needs.”

Buyers meanwhile will find the push for conscious consumerism benefits not only the market, but the actual consumption. Cannabis fans who have for too long been presented with an abundance of cheap edibles can look forward to the unique THC wares from Sense Distribution like Hot Sauce, Sea Salt Caramels, BBQ Sauce, Sugar, and Stevia, to make their own delights, and more. Products from Sense can be found throughout California in over 100 dispensaries. “If you’re thinking it’s too late to be innovative, it’s not,” says Woodward, “Sense encourages everyone with new, wild ideas, and if you need someone to talk with to get started, I’m the guy. And if you need the bad news, well, I’m here for that as well.”

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