The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Presents Culture and Indonesia's Language at Expo 2020

Indonesia Pavilion Visitor Trying Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument, Angklung

Visitor Learning The Indonesia Language in Indonesia Pavilion

DUBAI, UAE, December 14, 2021 / -- Entering the 11th week of the Expo 2020 Dubai event, the Indonesia Pavilion will be enlivened by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). From 10 to 16 December 2021, the Ministry of Education and Culture will introduce Indonesia's language, education, arts, and culture through various performances such as traditional dance, music, and language works.

"Indonesia has a huge vision of becoming the country with the 5th strongest economy in the world. As a Ministry that has duties and functions in the fields of education, culture, research, and technology, including the Indonesian language, we have a mission to make Bahasa Indonesia an international language and introduce Indonesia art and culture, which is so rich and diverse to the world. The Expo 2020 Dubai event is an extraordinary momentum because this event can be a window to introduce education, culture, and Indonesia's language to the world's eyes," said Suharti, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

As a country with the fourth-largest population globally, Bahasa Indonesia is one of the languages in great demand by foreign speakers, both for education, business, and tourism purposes. Through the Indonesian Language Course for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) program, Bahasa Indonesia has now been studied by foreign speakers in 47 different countries through courses and subjects in schools and universities. The BIPA program in Dubai itself has existed since 2019, and the Expo 2020 Dubai event is an opportunity to introduce the Indonesian language more broadly to the Middle Eastern community.

To date, there are over 128 foreign speakers in 46 countries who have taken the Indonesian Language Proficiency Test (UKBI). The standardized test was developed by the Language Agency which will later measure Indonesian language proficiency, both for native speakers and foreign speakers. The visitors to the Indonesia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai are invited to get to know BIPA and have a chance to take the UKBI test, which also provides an opportunity to receive their own personal Indonesian language proficiency certificate.

Besides introducing Bahasa Indonesia, the Ministry of Education and Culture also displays the strengthening of education in Indonesia's universities, both in innovation and technology, inclusive education, and arts and culture. All information related to universities will be displayed through immersive digital content. One of the arts and culture universities picked to enliven the Indonesia Pavilion was the Bandung Institute of Cultural Arts (ISBI), with West Java authentic art performances.

“Expo visitors can witness our art that has been adapted to modern technology but does not forget the cultural value behind it. The dance and angklung performances combined with modern technology with a traditional feel are still relevant for Expo visitors, especially young people. Thus, this is truly part of the revolutionary implementation of the Merdeka Learning program launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture,” said Anang Ristanto, Plt. Head of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

These various activities will be packaged in talk shows entitled "Transformation of Art and Culture" and "Innovation in Art and Culture" to art workshops. Various cultural performances from ISBI, such as angklung performances, drum games, and regional dances, can be found at the Indonesia Pavilion until December 16, 2021. The Indonesia Pavilion, which more than 410,000 visitors have visited, has successfully introduced the cultural performances that visitors have always been waiting for. The introduction of Indonesian education, culture, and language at Expo 2020 Dubai have opened the world's eyes to the extraordinary richness of Indonesian culture.

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