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US continues to lead the global FemTech market with the highest number of companies and investors

Global FemTech Industry Mind Map 2021

Global FemTech Industry Mind Map 2021

UK and Israel boast the highest number of FemTech companies in their respective regions, while India is Asia's undisputed leader

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a steep rise in FemTech solutions due to the adoption of new technologies and new business models, transforming the way women access healthcare”
— Kate Batz, Director of FemTech Analytics
SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 / -- The USA continues to dominate the FemTech market with over 50% of FemTech companies globally, followed by Europe (25%) and Asia (9%), according to the latest 2021 Global FemTech Industry report published by FemTech Analytics, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group.

The UK and Israel boast the highest number of FemTech companies in their respective regions with 10% and 6% of the total number of businesses, while Asia's undisputed leader is India with 4%.

The USA remains the leader of FemTech investments with over $10 billion invested in US-based companies, followed by Israel with $1.25 billion, the UK with $611 million and Switzerland with $398 million. Moreover, 65% of investors in FemTech are based in the USA, 7% in the UK and 3% in Canada and Switzerland. The USA also hosts the highest number of FemTech networks and accelerator programs with 32% of the global share, followed by the UK and Switzerland with 23% and 14% respectively.

“Over the past few years, we have witnessed a steep rise in FemTech solutions due to the adoption of new technologies and new business models, transforming the way women access healthcare”, said Kate Batz, Director of FemTech Analytics. “Several countries have been advancing their FemTech agendas in line with their women empowerment policies. The FemTech market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years and our study provides valuable insights into this market to all stakeholders”.

Based on the analysis of over 1,300 FemTech companies, 1,290 investors, 14 R&D centres and 22 community organisations worldwide, the 2021 Global FemTech report showcases market trends, innovations, growth opportunities and investment prospects of a rapidly growing industry. It also includes interviews with FemTech leaders, a list of the top 150 FemTech influencers and case studies of prominent FemTech companies.

According to the report, the total market capitalisation of 28 publicly traded FemTech companies accounted for almost $70 billion as of December 2021 with pregnancy and nursing as the largest sub sectors taking 68% of the total market.

In addition to the key drivers of market growth, the report reveals a growing interest from VCs and angel investors in FemTech, an increasing demand for reproductive health products and services as well as normalisation of the conversation around women’s health.

Nonetheless, the level of investments in FemTech remains low as highlighted by FemTech Analytics’ 2021 Global FemTech Survey published in October 2021.

Additional findings:

- 85% of all FemTech companies generate annual revenues of less than $10 million each
- The FemTech companies that raised the highest amount of investment are Evofem ($444.2 million in Post-IPO Equity), Progenity ($248.5 million in Post-IPO Equity), Agile Therapeutics ($204.5 million in Post-IPO Equity), Elvie ($151.9 million in Series C round) and The Mom Project ($115 million in Series C round)
- More than 50% of FemTech companies operate in the areas of pregnancy and nursing, reproductive health and contraception and general healthcare. Companies providing pregnancy and nursing solutions such as Baymatob and Expectful make 21% of the market, the ones operating in reproductive health and contraception like Carrot and Phexxi and general healthcare like Syantra and Tia account respectively for 17% and 14%
- Other FemTech sub sectors include Women's Wellness, Menstrual Health, Longevity, Mental Health, Pelvic and Uterine Healthcare
- Menstrual health products are among the most popular - these include reusable absorbent sanitary items, reusable cups and flushable pads providing safe, convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly options
- FemTech diagnostic solutions are dominant in general healthcare (31%), apps and software are popular in the FemTech mental health sector (33%)
- In the FemTech longevity sector dedicated to developing technologies to improve women’s lifespan, 58% of FemTech companies are based in North America and 26% in Europe where Switzerland leads with the highest number of businesses.

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