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Network Community for Content Creators, Gamers, and Aspiring Artists Sparks Career Connections

TheGeekGrid SteamDragons Team

TheGeekGrid SteamDragons Team

Connecting content creators, artists, and influencers together with businesses and educators

MACUNGIE, PA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2021 / -- TheGeekGrid Studios is known for it's content creation, talk shows, multimedia production, and broadcasting, so it simply makes sense for the company to take the lead in building a community that brings content creators and artists together with professionals for idea sparring and brainstorming.

TheGeekHUB Network creates a safe space headed up by the company's SteamDragons Team, which is a non-profit subdivision roundtable with content creators, educators, and influencers. The goal is to bring content creators, artists, and influencers together with businesses and educators.

"The gap between what our youth is inspired by and what our educators and businesses think they want is so far apart that is can become damaging in building a solid connection." said Kat Mahoney, Owner & Visionary Director of TheGeekGrid Studios. "TheGeekHUB provides a place for connecting and networking in a more casual environment where neither the creator nor the professional feels pressured and both can be real."

Mahoney wants the community to also utilize the space for connecting with other creators and bringing them together for bigger and better projects which in turn can help themselves succeed as well as influence the viewers on a more positive outreach.

"They are the influencers of their generation and younger, so we want creators of our community to represent the positive side of content creation, streaming, video games, and geek entertainment in general." Mahoney said. "You always hear about how some influencer got banned or start a rumor or said something bad, but TheGeekHUB Network is all about connecting on a positive level both personally and professionally."

The network fees range from $9.99 a month and up with access to featured highlights, groups, chat, polls, daily geek news, and a direct connection to the SteamDragons and the community. Businesses and Educational Facilities may Sponsor the Network through the Geek Academy or Pro Sponsorship for access to more benefits within the community as well as offline. Mahoney hopes TheGeekHUB Network will be the launchpad for content creators, influencers, and professionals to brainstorm and collaborate on projects, ideas, and future career success.

For more information or to subscribe to the network, visit or visit the company website at for events and geek shopping.


TheGeekGrid Studios specializes in content creation and multimedia production, streaming, editing, and broadcasting. As well as Gamification for careers, education, mental health and life skills.

The SteamDragons is a Non-Profit gamification, streaming, and Esports division of TheGeekGrid. Our focus is testing, educating, and training games, apps, and software in the electronics entertainment industry through streaming examples, demos, and educational panels.

Kat Mahoney
TheGeekGrid Studios