Ahmad Mahameed Launches New Book, The IQ of Wealth and Success: The Four Factors to Becoming Financially Free

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback format.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ahmad Mahameed is pleased to announce the release of his highly anticipated book, The IQ of Wealth and Success: The Four Factors to Becoming Financially Free.

Ahmad Mahameed is a Palestinian-born author and successful entrepreneur who has experienced the turmoil of being born into a government-neglected and impoverished town. Throughout his life, Mahameed has never turned down a business opportunity that could help him to get ahead, even if it were just a few small steps. Mahameed’s dire need for preservation is what has driven him to excel in all his endeavours.

In his most recent news, Mahameed has officially launched his new book, The IQ of Wealth and Success: The Four Factors to Becoming Financially Free. Diving deep into the world’s economy in 2022, readers will find out the secrets to acquiring wealth and success - and even how to rise from poverty to become a millionaire. The book is ideal for all generations, especially Millennials, who have made it their mission to break free from the often soul-sucking 9-5 grind.

“From reading my book, readers will learn exactly how to set out on their own with financial freedom,” says Mahameed. “Financial freedom is the ultimate currency, as acquiring it needs to come from mental toughness, confidence, and positivity. Achieving and sustaining financial freedom is about a shift in perception and action around one’s entire life and relationships.”

“Additionally, readers will also find out what should we learn from "Burj Khalifa," located near downtown Dubai? Does the world's tallest building with the tallest freestanding structure conceal the secret of wealth and success?” Mahameed asks. “And, how are the top models Gigi and Bella Hadid related to the perceptions of this book?”

What truly sets The IQ of Wealth and Success apart from other finance books is how Mahameed takes a vulnerable look into his own personal life to share his trials and tribulations along his path to success. The author knows firsthand what financial struggle looks like, being born into a Palestinian community in 1973. During this time, he experienced more poverty, war, famine, and hardship than most.

Despite these challenges, Mahameed rose to success – recognizing his four-factor framework that helped him, and can help others, to systematically gain more wealth and success. The four factors are The Knowledge Factor, The Psychological Factor, The Financial Factor, and The Self-Improvement Factor.

“Throughout the book, you will learn where you currently fall within each area and how to improve yourself and your knowledge within each factor in the same way you would learn a new language,” Mahameed states. “The categories listed in the book range from A1 and up, that being lower in knowledge, and C2 being around millionaire status. All four factors must be elevated and working together for your wealth IQ to be high. Are you ready to elevate your wealth IQ?”

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About Ahmad Mahameed

Ahmad Mahameed is a Palestinian-born author with a degree in Architecture and two master’s degrees, one in Sociology and the other in Philology. At an early age, Mahameed knew he needed to do everything possible to remove himself from the tragic environment in which he lived to better support himself, his family, and to pursue his dreams.

Ahmad Mahameed