The Indonesia Pavilion Showcases Products from the Good Design Indonesia Award Winners at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Good Design Indoensia's Winners product become a magnet for visitors at Indonesia Pavilion

DUBAI, UAE, December 10, 2021 / -- The Expo 2020 Dubai event opens up a golden opportunity to showcase various local Indonesian products to the world. Today, reaching the 9th week of establishment, the Indonesia Pavilion will introduce original Indonesian products from the Good Design Indonesia (GDI) award winners through the full support of the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag). Multiple GDI products will be exhibited through the Rolling Exhibition inside the Indonesia Pavilion Night Market area. In order to stimulate business players to develop their products, both to increase the commercial value of their products and increase export opportunities, the Ministry of Trade is committed to making innovative breakthroughs in developing designs, packaging, and products from various Indonesian businesses. This commitment was then realized through the Good Design Indonesia (GDI). This award is a manifestation of the Ministry of Trade's commitment to developing export products by improving the design and quality of export products across the archipelago. On the other hand, the GDI program also provides market access to business opportunities for Indonesian designers and exporters to the global market.

"The Expo 2020 Dubai event opens up opportunities for Indonesian businesses to showcase a variety of quality local products that are ready for export. Taking into account that trade activities are the main driving force of Indonesia's economy, even in the midst of the current pandemic. Many Indonesian business players produce various quality products with a number of things that still need to be addressed accordingly. One of them is in terms of product design to packaging. This is where the Good Design Indonesia (GDI) award comes to improve the quality of product designs, which will later affect the quality of local products for export. This is an effort by the government, in particular, the commitment of the Ministry of Trade to continue to make innovative breakthroughs," said Didi Sumedi, Director General of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade.

Good Design Indonesia is a very special event for awarding the best designs on a national scale from business players and designers across the archipelago, especially for Indonesian business players who happen to be connected with G-Mark Japan, thus helping to realize their places in the global market. This award offers market opportunities or business opportunities to boost the nation's economy through the growth of non-oil and gas exports. Through this award, the Ministry of Trade will provide opportunities for business players to conduct exhibitions through business forums and business matching abroad. These products are also equipped with a permanent display facility at the foreign trade representative office (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center/ITPC). At the 2021 GDI award (23/11), 427 Good Design Indonesia registrants with 296 products passed the judging panel from 18 product categories covering handicrafts, home décor, architecture, to business models.

Through the GDI award, business players will be given the opportunity to explore their respective product designs. These products are then contested to be best selected in order to compete with foreign products outside the country. The Good Design Indonesia award has three judging awards, namely GDI of the Year, GDI Best, and GDI. The product categories involved in the GDI program range from accessories, medical devices, stationery, children's toys, kitchen and household equipment, home furniture, musical instruments to sports and travel equipment, transportation, service applications, media content, and social projects.

As a prestigious annual appreciation to superior product designs in Indonesia and award event, the Ministry of Trade has organized the GDI program five times over the past years. GDI is expected to boost Indonesia's economic recovery and make an outstanding contribution to achieving Indonesia's non-oil and gas export performance target of 6.3 percent this year. On the other hand, apart from targeting export growth, the Ministry of Trade is also mandated to produce 1,500 export SMEs per year. The 5 product categories that succeeded in scoring awards at the GDI award must be innovative, novel and commercial in value, export-oriented, and positively impact society.

The Expo 2020 Dubai event became one of the places to introduce Indonesia's superior products, especially for the United Arab Emirates market. There are 16 products from the GDI winners, which will be exhibited through the Rolling Exhibition at the Indonesia Pavilion. The products displayed include home decor products made from bamboo, stationery equipment, fashion products such as bags, shoes, watches made out of ebony, and transparent electric masks. Out of the many products exhibited, the transparent electric mask had proven to be very popular among others as the pandemic conditions make many people inseparable from wearing masks. Equipped with a fan motor that has two-speed settings, users will be much more comfortable breathing with this particular mask. In addition, this mask also uses transparent material to ease communication with other people without losing facial expressions.

The GDI program is already held over five times since 2017 by the Ministry of Trade, which aims to open up golden opportunities for business players to further hone their creativity in terms of product design. This also opens up opportunities for unique local products to go international to be no less competitive with foreign products. Various local Indonesian products displayed in the Indonesia Pavilion are also products with high quality and attractive designs, proven helpful for users, "concluded Didi Sumedi, Director General of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade.
Correspondingly, by getting the opportunity to be exhibited at international events, GDI's previous products have also received many international awards. As in August this year, six products won the GDI Best predicate from the GDI award, which have won the Good Design Award (GDA) or G-Mark in Japan. GDA is an international design award organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).

This proves that Indonesian products have been able to compete internationally. The implementation of the GDI program every year is expected to be a driving force in moving the trade sector and stimulating business players in Indonesia to continue to innovate and penetrate the global market.

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