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Winter has arrived again, Autumns just about to end”
— HarrMonika Musik
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SEASONS GREETINGS !!! With 'THE SEASON OF EMPATHY' HarrMonika Musik releases new music with a seasonal feel to hopefully brighten your Holiday Season. Since January of 2020 this country and the world has endured a viral pandemic that has caused illness and death on a major scale. We have also been dealing with a major cultural shift having to do with social change and race. "It has been a challenging time for everyone and I decided to do a set of lyrical and instrumental music to help people everywhere to hopefully cope and relax." Recently HarrMonika has been releasing music with a definitive social commentary to stay connected and to remind us to think for ourselves. "With The 'THE SEASON OF EMPATHY' I wanted to do songs with light hearted somewhat romantic seasonal themes.

I like doing instrumental music because I believe music without lyrics can be very provocative and allows your mind to take the sounds and vibrations where you want to take them. Having said this music with words allows one to make definitive expressions about their life experiences social goings on and to spark a dialogue about social change and its all good." A combination of mostly new works along with some older works make up the song list for the 'Empathy' Collection. After what we have all been through of a recent nature a little less drama is the order of the day and with many new challenges facing us going into 2022 and might be a good time to reflect on the recent, take stock of ourselves and gain some perspective going forward. Once again we at HarrMedia can only hope that you and your Families are presently safe and well and that the future is bright. Sympathy involves feeling things from your own perspective. Empathy involves seeing things from another perspective other than your own and truly understanding that perspective.

We as a people have to step up our compassion game and begin to feel and respond to the need of others. No one can do everything but if everybody does a little something then we will progress as a free society. The song list for the 'THE SEASON OF EMPATHY' consist of an eclectic mix of musical styles ranging from urban to jazzy to orchestral to ballad to live sounds and vibrations. The title track is a smooth instrumental track recorded in 2017 and accomplished using a MIDI keyboard exclusively. Bass, keyboards, drums and the lead acoustic guitar track were all recorded by HarrMonika and involves studio level musicianship and the latest digital recording technology. 'THE GIFT' and 'For L Noel Only' are harmonica tracks that feature HarrMonika out front on the harmonica.

'JUST LIKE YOU' simulates a live recording from The Digital Office HarrMonika's home base, 'Winter Has Arrived' was recorded circa; 2005 and was originally composed to welcome in the winter season. "Its a song I love singing and playing during the winter months to keep my spirits up during the months where the weather keeps us inside." There is also a companion Video that highlights the winter season and is available on YouTube; hPqkLbzwxuo. Speaking of technology HarrMonika has been recording in digital environments for many years and the combo of a musical skill set and digital technology that offers the contemporary artist a virtual palette of instruments and digital effects and has been instrumental (no pun intended) to his development as an artist. "I'm so so grateful to the many scientist and advancements in digital technology cause i'm not quite sure where I would be without it." Since June of this year (2021) HarrMedia and the Digital Office has released a steady stream of music beginning with the 'Covid-19 No Tommorow' and 'I Miss Holding Your Hands' recordings. Continuing with 'Awesome August' and most recently the 'Autumn 2021' Collection. "Oh Boy I'm now a real 'YouTuber' and once again so very grateful that there is a platform where artist can share their creations with the world" Since June over 200,000 YouTube views (as per YouTube statistics) have viewed and listened to HarrMonika Musik. "For me it has never been about fame and fortune and though its available for 'download' (at a minimal cost) on most major streaming services, Apple Music Spotify etc etc I'm so happy the music and videos are available to stream at no cost." UPDATES; The Tonal Contrast Of Love (the first major release from the label since 2015) is still in the works and due for a Winter 2022 release and we will be in touch when its available.

We are also in the process of developing our very own App with the goal being a way to connect with all the recordings from HarrMonika Musik digitally remastered and hopefully available at low to no cost. At the time of this Press Release we have not decided on a name but we will be in touch with updates and when its available. As always we want to extend our many many thanks for taking your valuable time to listen and for your much appreciated support. "I also want each and everyone of you to know that I consider it a privilege to be able to create sounds and vibrations and then to share it with you. LISTENING TIP; Use high quality headphones and or earbuds and TURN UP !!! As always our greatest hope is that you find enjoyment and enlightenment... Peace Love Joy !!!

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Winter Has Arrived