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Wojak's presence in Metaverse is certain; The first educational foundation in the world of Metaverse

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2021 / -- If People accept that Metaverse is a new world for all the inhabitants of this world, it naturally needs laws, foundations, and organizations to govern it. Of course, this may not happen quite centrally, but what is quite clear is the presence of real-world rules and foundations in Metaverse.

Every society, anywhere in the world, needs a series of foundations and organizations that help to develop the cultural, educational, and various aspects of the life of the inhabitants. One of the most important aspects of Metaverse, which has not been considered to date, but is one of the requirements in this area, is the issue of education. Wojak is the best and most deserving option to take over the field of education and legislation in Metaverse. On the other hand, we have to accept that Metaverse is an economy-driven world. In fact, people enter it first with a financial attitude, but not educating people in this area can lead to financial bankruptcy, so the presence of an educational complex alone is not enough. At this point, the presence of a charity and financial advisory can also bring a lot of peace to the Metaverse world.

And now, if we take a closer look at Wojak in detail, we can see that Wojak is ready to be the founder of both important educational and charitable organizations in Metaverse, and that means the power that Wojak will have in the not-too-distant future.

But if we just think that Wojak in Metaverse can be an educational organization, it is very simplistic thinking. Certainly, the owners of Wojak, with this development-oriented attitude, experience wider activities in this world. One of the activities that they can and certainly do is NFT Market. A look at the educational structures in the world gives us the promise that educational NFTs can have excellent sales, just like bookstores, educational collections, skill training classes, and provide unparalleled income for Wojak.

In a conversation with the Wojak technical team, they also mentioned this point.
"Our vision is to bring the future closer to today. The purpose of this token, from day one, was to develop the world of crypto and Metaverse. As much as we can bring people closer to a world in the future, we need to Live it, we will get closer to our goal, Wojak's presence in Metaverse is certain."

Marco Bamio
Wojak Finance
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