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Epic Historical Drama on the Life of Lady Fatima Slated for December 10th

The Lady of Heaven trailer gains 2.5 million views before film’s December 10th release

She is one of the most influential historical Arabian characters.”
— Malik Shlibak (Producer )
UNITED STATES, December 8, 2021 / -- The Lady of Heaven, a much anticipated epic drama focusing on the life of the Islamic historical figure Lady Fatima, will be released Nationwide on Friday December 10th in AMC theaters across the country.

The visually powerful film follows an Iraqi child, whose mother is killed in the war-torn country, as he finds himself in a new home with his grandmother who narrates the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Producer Malik Shlibak previously discussed Lady Fatima in a interview: “She is one of the most influential historical Arabian characters. Her story is fascinating and rich, we believe the lady herself is a figure that, no matter which religious or non-religious background you’re from, you can resonate with and learn a great deal from.”

The $15 million historical drama artfully weaves themes of suffering and patience from the 7th century Islamic story with ISIS in the 21st century when Islamic terrorism begins. The modern-day main character living in chaos learns about the painful journey of Lady Fatima.

This film follows Islamic tradition where no human actor plays a holy personality. The roles are created through an amalgamation of actors, in-camera effects, lighting and visual effects.

The 141-minute film directed by Eli King and produced by Enlightened Kingdom received creative input from Oscar® Winner John Stephenson. The Lady of Heaven received an award for Best Visual Effects at the iSuccess International Awards gala in an event hosted by Superfilm Studios in co-production with Forbes France.

The Lady Of Heaven stars Ray Fearon, Christopher Sciueref, Mark Anthony Brighton, Denise Black, Lucas Bond, Sami Karim, Albane Courtois, Matthew Brenher, Chris Jarman, Yasmin Mwanza and Dimitri Andreas. Sales agent Hannibal Media has the worldwide rights to the film.

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