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ZXEREX Corporation Introduces a Novel Way to Detect Marijuana Impairment in the Workplace

ZXEREX Safe™ rapid impairment screening deters workers from showing up impaired or using marijuana on the job

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, December 7, 2021 / -- ZXEREX Corporation introduces ZXEREX Safe™, a novel cloud-based screening technology that detects impairment from Marijuana just in time, as more states approve its recreational use.

ZXEREX Safe™ detects the temporary effect of Marijuana on centers of the brain that control very small voluntary and involuntary eye movements. This screening technology is non-invasive and takes a minute or two to complete. Unlike urine or saliva tests, ZXEREX Safe™ screens for current impairment, not just the presence of marijuana which is known to remain in the body long after its effect on the brain wears off. This advanced technology was initially developed and validated on human subjects at prestigious medical centers.

According to Andrew Freedman of Forbes Tate, former Marijuana Czar of the State of Colorado, and a public policy advisor to Zxerex, “I have heard dozens of pitches about cannabis intoxication tests. Everybody would love to be the company that makes billions off figuring out this public safety and HR problem. What so impressed me with Zxerex compared to other companies was that they had the rare combination of scientific rigor and go-to-market strategy.”

With ZXEREX Safe™, HR and safety managers will now have a way to reduce risk from Marijuana impairment without penalizing new hires and current employees who are not intoxicated and yet might fail a random urine drug test.

When combined with any company’s employee safety program, ZXEREX Safe™ can help to lower workplace injuries, reduce absenteeism, and increase workplace productivity. Zxerex is actively seeking companies to be leaders in creating an impairment-free workplace while ensuring the respect of all employees.

If you are interested in participating in this cause or for further information about the technology, visit or email or call 1-480-518-9905.

Richard Besserman
Zxerex Corporation
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