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Dragon Lord is an American-based company with the goal alleviating poverty by allowing access to play-to-earn games for scholars.

Dragon Lord has already changed many lives, including a man who may have never been diagnosed with cancer if his daughter did not become a scholar.”
— Amir Meshkin
FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, USA, December 7, 2021 / -- The Dragon Lord Guild is looking for Afghans To Play a Video Game And Make at Least $150 Per Month

AFGHANISTAN. December 7, 2021 – We want to empower Afghans to fight poverty and enhance their opportunities through an innovative and supportive project. Winter has hit Afghanistan and the poorest areas will be severely affected by it at many levels. But thanks to globalization, the Internet and new technologies, many opportunities are now available that can generate several times what a regular job pays. And to access them, it’s only required to have a laptop, an internet connection, and some low-level understanding of certain crypto concepts. Dragon Lord Guild allows Afghans to participate in these new opportunities and generate an above-average monthly salary, that in some cases, surpasses by several times the local average.

Even though many people know cryptocurrencies, fewer people understand the concept of NFTs. To understand how these elements work, the concept of play-to-earn games must be understood first. Play-to-earn games are games, like regular computer games, but connected to. This means that, if someone plays the game successfully, that someone will get rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. Those tokens can then be exchanged into real money in a cryptocurrency exchange or through direct trade with other Crypto holders.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular and successful play-to-earn. To be able to play the game and to be rewarded in cryptocurrency tokens, one must first buy the characters (Axies) upfront. A user seeking to start playing Axie Infinity must at least purchase 3 characters, and each character’s price varies. As a rough estimate, between USD 150 and USD 300 is what someone is expected to pay for a character. This totals an amount of USD 600 per player just to be able to start playing. There are Axie characters that have been sold for millions of dollars depending on their rarity. The rarer the character, the more powerful and the more money it can yield per month while playing the game.

T characters are made in the form of NFTs. Non Fungible Tokens, a type of token -much like a Bitcoin for example- that has the quality of being unique. One NFT represents one Axie character and can be sold in the marketplace.

The obligation of spending at least USD 600 just to be able to play is an extremely high barrier for most Afghans. However, if a user acquires these 3 characters and starts playing, he or she can produce an equivalent of up to $100 to $300 of revenue per month, far higher than the average monthly salary in Afghanistan.

If everyone could access the play-to-earn game, poverty in the worst areas could be well alleviated. Through their scholar program, they purchase the characters for Afghan Scholars so they can start playing. In return, Dragon Lord retains 20% of the scholar’s income as a payback. This method is becoming popular in other areas and countries around the world, and companies tend to take at least 50% of what the scholar produces. But Dragon Lord is willing to subsidize Afghan scholars to show their support, both to in-country Afghans and refugees outside Afghanistan as well.

The banking system in Afghanistan acts as a robust firewall, where depositing money from abroad is not an option. There is also no hard currency available for people to withdraw their funds. This scenario will potentially cause that by Christmas time millions of Afghans could be on the brink of starvation.

But programs such as Dragon Lord’s Scholarship can be a definitive solution that gives people a much-deserved opportunity to stay alive.

Dragon Lord has already changed many lives, including a man who may have never been diagnosed with cancer if his daughter did not become a scholar. Thanks to her earnings and a loan from the community, she is using her profits to treat her father. The cancer was caught early since her father was able to get tested in time and the surgery has been scheduled. Other scholars have used their earnings to purchase basic materials for home repair and new furniture. Several unemployed single mothers in the Philippines use their earnings to buy basic necessities for their children.

To become a scholar, please fill out the form below. We will accept scholars from all countries but only Afghans will receive 80% of their earnings since they are desperate for aid. All scholars from other countries will receive 50% of their earnings.

You can join our community in discord by accepting this invite.

Please contact us at for all general inquiries and partnership requests.

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About Dragon Lord Guild: Dragon Lord is an American-based company, created by Amir Meshkin in 2021. Their main goal is to alleviate local poverty by allowing access to play-to-earn games for scholars. The company absorbs the upfront costs these games have and lets people play and generate monthly revenue to cover their basic needs and overcome poverty. The company is also working on their own play to earn video games as well as other crypto projects.

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