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New Mobility Magazine Reviews RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

UltraGrrrip Wheelchair Gloves

UltraGrrrip Wheelchair Gloves

UltraGrrrip Half Finger Wheelchair Gloves Come Out On Top

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, December 7, 2021 / -- New Mobility Magazine, published by United Spinal, is the best distributed magazine for people with Spinal Cord Injuries in the USA, and perhaps in the world.

In August New Mobility Magazine requested that RehaDesign send them some of our wheelchair gloves for testing purposes. We sent them three pairs of gloves: two types of gloves designed for quadriplegic wheelchair users and one pair of gloves designed for paraplegic wheelchair users. In December they published their independent review. Their conclusion was impressive:

"The gloves gave good grip on my pushrims and the rubber on the palms — which extended out the thumb, a nice touch — was thick enough that it cushioned my palms. At the end of the trip, my hands didn’t feel as beat up as they would’ve if I’d used either the garden- or receiver-style gloves."


"The biggest benefit to these gloves is that they performed way better than expected in the rain, especially during braking. My other glove options become useless when my pushrims are soaked, but the Ultra-Grrrips managed to provide me with some stopping power, even when navigating a steep downhill in a downpour."

Dr Eugene Emmer, owner of RehaDesign said: RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves are not "one glove for all wheelchair users". We design different gloves for different user needs. We have gloves for active wheelchair users, gloves for comfort and everyday use, gloves for people with limited had function and gloves for people with full hand function. We also market the only leather wheelchair glove designed especially for kids which "grow" with the child's hand. We are proud of our extensive line of wheelchair gloves, which are just as unique as the rest of our products.

Read the entire review on the NewMobility website.

About RehaDesign: Redesign is a European based designer and distributor of innovative wheelchair accessories. Our wheelchair accessories are not "medical" in nature. There is nothing boring and drab about them. Our products are unique, practical and fun. They are designed to enhance the lifestyle of wheelchair users. Our Moto is "We put the fun in functionality". Disability dealers interested in reselling innovative products from RehaDesign, such as our wheelchair gloves, our colorful pushrim covers and our unique wheelchair tire covers are encouraged to contact Dr. Eugene Emmer, owner of RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories. Wheelchair users are encouraged to visit us via our Facebook page and share their stories and photos with other wheelchair users.

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