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The Gothica

Author Sacks Literary World with Historical Novel!

...The Gothica follows the struggle of desperate refugees, forced to fight across the Roman Empire in search of a new home.”
— Patrick C. DiCarlo

FRANKFURT, HESSE, GERMANY, December 6, 2021 / -- Patrick C. DiCarlo’s The Gothica is a historical novel of epic proportions that chronicles the rise of Alaric from being an audacious young boy to one of the great kings of antiquity, and the transformation of a ragged migrant supergroup into the great Visigoth Kingdom. Published by iUniverse, the book is an awesome display of historical scholarship and masterful storytelling.

The narrative revolves around how a defeated, starving people, forced into exile, united behind a young leader to defeat the most powerful military dynasty the world had ever known. Based on the true story of the Visigoth’s epic migration across Europe, The Gothica follows the struggle of desperate refugees, forced to fight across the Roman Empire in search of a new home.

“The entire novel is an impressive display of historical scholarship, notable for its painstaking exactitude and breadth. The author authentically captures the perspectives of the Goths as well as the viewpoints of their Roman and Hun adversaries. Furthermore, DiCarlo constructs a captivating drama that reveals the culture of the Visigoths in all its complexity, a depiction brimming with nuance. This is precisely what historical fiction should provide: a seamless amalgam of scholarly rigor and dramatic power, a reading experience both educational and riveting.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“The Gothica breathes new life into the distant past in its telling of the rise to power of the Visigoths who would battle the Huns and eventually sack the Roman Empire. Author Patrick DiCarlo pens a fierce narrative of war, family, love and ambition which spans multiple decades. The Gothica proves absorbing from the genesis of the book and never levels off. By the end of the book, the reader will find themselves eager to read more about the latter days of the Roman Empire
and its conquerors.” ~ Pacific Book Review Purchase your copy now at Amazon and World of Books.

The Gothica
Written by Patrick C. DiCarlo
Paperback |
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