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Upcoming Book by WEW CREW Member Yamilca Rodriguez Reveals Your Business Archetype

Yamilca Rodriguez

Yamilca Rodriguez

Yamilca Rodriguez, The Archetype Method

Yamilca Rodriguez, The Archetype Method

The brand consultant helps women entrepreneurs define their uniqueness and scale up by targeting the customers destined to be their superfans.

Working with The Archetype Method, you can gain a stronger understanding of your SUPERFAN and have the business of your dreams!”
— Yamilca Rodriguez
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, USA, December 9, 2021 / -- Venezuelan-born artist, entrepreneur, and activist Yamilca Rodriguez lives and breathes brand strategy. Before launching her own brand experience firm, Yamilca Rodriguez Consulting, she spent years developing brand experiences for brands like Olay, SK-II, and Venus. What she now brings to her entrepreneur clients is a new way to uncover their brand identity—and their Superfan.

Working with women business owners who want to scale up, she asks them to focus on their entrepreneurial story. Do they want to bring communities together? Do they want to disrupt existing paradigms? Are they an outlaw brand? An explorer brand? Yamilca digs deep with clients to help them figure out how they want their companies to show up in the world. Then, knowing the company’s brand archetype, they also learn which archetype is magnetically attracted to their brand as a customer. Using all of this insight, Yamilca helps clients create the right tone, message, look, and offerings for their brands on the way to escalating their company’s success.

Curious? Try it out for yourself with a two-question quiz at And look for Yamilca’s upcoming book, The Fragrance of Fame. The key to successfully using The Archetype Method, Yamilca tells readers, is conviction—the conviction to show up fully as who you are. She uses Coco Chanel, a woman who was always unapologetically herself, as a model.

Confident and ambitious, Coco Chanel always intended to leave a legacy. Her signature fragrance, Chanel No. 5, was launched 100 years ago, and is still a symbol of modern elegance. Yamilca’s book asks, What if your brand could be as unforgettable as an exquisite scent, never to be erased? The Fragrance of Fame teaches you how to overcome your blocks and self-doubt on the way to creating your own legacy fragrance.

Gather a group of like-minded women and make it a book club pick! Yamilca herself is honored to have recently joined Women Elevating Women (WEW), a global community of diverse, C-level executives. In joining the WEW CREW, she participates in a virtual private peer advisory group meeting every month to network and learn about issues like access to capital for women of color, health and wellness, financial education, and collaborating with partners and teams.

About The Archetype Method

Yamilca Rodriguez, founder of The Archetype Method, helps clients attract their customers through the power of brand clarity. With a foundation in psychology and the four major drivers of human behavior, The Archetype Method has helped women business owners scale up by revolutionizing the way they target just those customers that are especially drawn to their brands, create offerings and communications that particularly resonate with them. Learn more and take the free quiz at or connect with Yamilca on Instagram @yamilcarodriguezbranding or Twitter @ms_yamilca.

About Women Elevating Women

Women Elevating Women (WEW), founded by Strategic Business Consultant Betty Hines, brings together a global community of diverse, C-level executive women. These women, rising in their fields, elevate each other by sharing their expert knowledge and social capital values, given their common culture. Together they collaborate, connect, and communicate as a united force to address the barriers they have personally experienced. They realize the economic potential of working together, gaining more access to capital and other opportunities in global markets. They are taught how to navigate today’s complexities by participating in a peer advisory group and being assigned accountability partners. Get all the details and apply for membership at

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