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Massence Records Goes NFT with PlayTreks, the All-in-one app for the music industry

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Massence Records

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Michael Shynes - Chasing After The Moon, NFT, PlayTreks Marketplace

Michael Shynes - Chasing After The Moon

Massence Records will distribute music via the PlayTreks app. They also will mint a limited amount of NFTs, available for purchase on PlayTreks' Marketplace.

The All-In-One platform gives them a 360 degrees view on their music performance, whether on playlists, or on the radio, so our clients are always up to date and in control over their content”
— Winston Darson
DELFT, ZUID-HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, December 9, 2021 / -- PlayTreks, the ALL IN ONE app for the music industry, with powerful features such as blockchain-based marketplace, music performance analytics, copyright control, and music distribution to traditional streaming platforms, offers several subscription plans according to the user’s needs. But it doesn’t end there. PlayTreks are partnering up with several entities and organizations worldwide, with the aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem within the music, arts, and entertainment industry. In this case, PlayTreks have formed a strong partnership with Massence Records.

Massence Records began as an independent label back in 2019. Since then, they have worked with a long list of artists and have released successful material. Amongst those artists, Massence Records has released music by Michael Shynes, with Chasing After The Moon being their most successful hit. Other collaborations are with, yet not limited to, Chris Willis. After a big success in the last two decades with David Guetta, amongst other big names, Chris Willis released Warriors Of The Night with the label, putting Chris right back on the radar.

To this day, Massence Records has worked with dozens of artists, and now the company is taking a different approach to music releases. Massence Records has partnered with PlayTreks to create a strong link between fans and artists.

The business model of Massence Records is working with sub-labels worldwide. The goal is to facilitate the release of music via PlayTreks’ ALL IN ONE app. Not only will Massence Records release music to traditional streaming sites, but they will also focus primarily on the creation and sales of NFTs on the PlayTreks blockchain-based Marketplace. As Massence Records label manager Luca Rushton says: “We aim to partner with other record labels and music groups to facilitate the release of music via the innovative system that PlayTreks offers, as well as the management aspect of it”.

Winston Darson, Label Manager at PlayTreks says: "We see a huge uptake on Do It Yourself artists as well as record labels making use of our service because the All-In-One platform gives them a 360 degrees view on their music performance, whether it is about what's happening in playlists, or on the radio. PlayTreks gathers billions of data points every day, so our clients are always up to date and in control over their content”.

Why is Massence Records stepping into the future with NFTs? Massence Records believe that making use of PlayTreks’ platform will allow them to help any artist receive full credit with the copyright control functionally, use of data performance insights to improve marketing, distribute music to streaming sites, and use the NFT marketplace, with the latter allowing the artist to give their creation the value it deserves. With PlayTreks, NFT creators will continuously generate revenue every time the NFT is re-sold. According to Massence Records co-founder, Robbert Vroegindeweij: “As a record label founded by artists, we highly value what we call our artist experience: everything that artists see, hear, and feel when partnering with Massence Records. We want that experience to be great. We achieve that by being transparent and easy to reach, by offering fair deals and by continually finding new ways to reach audiences. Choosing PlayTreks as our distributor, contributes on all levels. It enables us to say goodbye to one of the most frustrating legacies of the music industry: semi-annual reporting of royalties. We can now offer our artists monthly payments. In addition, it opens the door to a new audience, as PlayTreks helps us distribute our full back catalogue into limited edition NFT collections”.

What Music are they selling on the PlayTreks blockchain-based marketplace? Massence Records will begin minting all successful releases to date. Once accomplished, the record label has said that they will upload new material from recent partnerships with artists and producers including Chris Payne, the Chris Payne and Zaine Griff project, and Chris Willis, with more artists to be announced soon. As Massence Records work together with Neofuture Records, more sub-labels will take part in new releases, as it is one of the goals that Massence Records aim to achieve.

Massence Records are officially announcing limited edition NFT releases from Michael Shynes, Fex, Motik, Adam Woods, Sonny Wilson, and Road Kahan, all of them to be available on the PlayTreks marketplace in December. With that, Massence Records will broaden its partnerships with more artists, producers, and record labels for the release of new material and limited editions on to all streaming sites and on to the PlayTreks NFT Marketplace. Massence Records wants to become a pioneer in the new form of music distribution, with the usage of blockchain, smart contracts, copyright control, and Non-Fungible Tokens, and truly believes PlayTreks is the way forward.

List of NFT releases in December 2021:
- Michael Shynes – Chasing After The Moon
- Michael Shynes – God Let Me Fly
- Michael Shynes – Misfit Toys
- Michael Shynes – Back To ´95
- Michael Shynes – Hell To Pay
- Michael Shynes – Home For The Holidays Complete Album
- Fex - Back To Shore
- Fex, Motik, Adam Woods – Tonight
- Fex, Motik – Let You Go
- Sonny Wilson – Funky Little Fox
- Sonny Wilson – Killer Girl
- Road Kahan – Foundations
- Road Kahan – Shelter
- Road Kahan – Nightdrive
- Road Kahan – Mind, Body, Soul
- Road Kahan – Hold On
- Road Kahan - Raindust

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Michael Shynes - Chasing After The Moon