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Dan Hollings' The Plan Launches With Record 11,000 Attendees on Zoom Webinar Call

dan hollings cross arm relaxed

Dan Hollings presented a 3 hour webinar on The Plan on December 2, 2021

how The Plan began

How The Plan got started with Dan's close friends urging him to share it with the world

dan hollings tour guide

Dan Hollings is honored to be our 'tour guide' through cryptoland

Over 11,000 people attended The Plan webinar event presented by Dan Hollings on December 2, 2021.

Don't be the man with no plan, but be the man with The Plan!”
— Dan Hollings, creator of The Plan
LEWES, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2021 / -- After a brief introduction by Jason Fladlien, Dan Hollings kicked off the webinar by explaining the best thing about the Plan, which is the promise that people can make money by doing nothing at all. It is a bold claim and most people will not believe it until they see the results in action. His promise is that he will convince people this is the case, but he did anticipate that people will think that there is always a catch.

Indeed, Dan himself has an amusing "do nothing" to do list. He reassured the audience that what he will be showing is not a scam or pyramid scheme but instead, he was just using very specialized technology to do the work based on intelligent settings. He noted that this is a good thing because this is the type of job that AI can do much better than mere mortals like you or me.

He retold his story about how The Plan began, about how he first lost a lot of money when he started in crypto when the 'crypto winter' hit and how he subsequently kept working on it until he figured out a way to utilize volatility to do all the trading for him.

So he figured he had cracked the code on crypto, and decided not to tell anyone, but then friends like Elaine and Daniel Hall wanted to get into crypto so Dan hopped onto a zoom call with them to show them how to do what he has done.

They convinced him to share with more people because what he has figured out is something that will help people especially in a post covid era that is dealing with an economy that is crashing all around the world.

So Dan relented and attempted to recruit his long-time business partners Jason Fladlien and Wilson and they in turn helped to get early adopters for $10k each.

Despite the steep price, demand was so overwhelming that Dan switched to group coaching to cater to the demand.

In a short time, The Plan became a global community. People from over 100 countries got on board eagerly as it is a true set and forget 'virtual vending machine', wiggling their way to wealth on a minute by minute basis.

Dan likes to say that the best way to lose money is to be like Nostradamus and try to predict price actions. Dan emphasized that The Plan is nothing like that, but is the safest way to trade crypto.

Dan moved on to show his own results. He makes the point that most people in crypto boast about theoretical money but can't even pay for lunch. In contrast, Dan's own results are all realized profits, month after month after month, all resulting from the automation tirelessly working day by day, to accumulate a total of $700k just over the past year alone.

It is called The Plan because it is a plan to safely achieve financial liberation with crypto. So he urged the audience to not be the man with no plan, but to be the man with the plan!

Dan talked a bit about the stock to flow model by PlanB, which remarkably has been very accurate in predicting the price of Bitcoin since 2009 but even if the model is wrong, The Plan will still continue to work. Dan's point is that the future of Bitcoin is bright and there is every reason to think it will continue to get even brighter, which means The Plan is built on a firm solid foundation.

Dan then moved on to explain how The Plan works. He describes it as a spider casting a web to catch a bug and in our case, the bug is crypto. So along comes the price into the web, then when it hits the green line, a buy is triggered, when a red line is hit, a sell is triggered. These little 25c profits eventually add up to a lot.

Dan made the point that there's no crazy indicators involved, or reading charts. As Dan likes to say, this is just about 'wiggling' your way to wealth, based on the volatility of crypto. Yes it sounds simple enough, but Dan has the magic formula to do this in the most profitable way.

To prove that The Plan works, Dan showed the live status of all the early adopter results, just to prove that he was not simply cherry picking the best ones.

Then Dan presented the opportunity to join The Plan, emphasizing that this is only the first phase of a multi phase journey through crypto land.

Dan concluded the webinar after more than three hours by telling the audience to think of him as a trusted tour guide on the bus through crypto land, where he will hold our hand while we all make as much money as possible. Along the way, we're going to lose a little here and there along the way but it's just part of the game.

Dan believes that the main thing that keeps people from building wealth and staying poor is just not having a plan and this is a plan that has proven itself with him and many others already including all of his team and it's proven itself with the early adopters whose results he showed earlier in the webinar.

With The Plan now in 104 different countries, if ever there was a time and a place to be, Dan believes this is it and he wanted to welcome all onboard and welcome all those who've already committed to doing this. It will be fun and Dan cannot wait to get excited.

For a limited time, people can start the journey with Dan for a one time payment of $3497 or four installments of $997. The replay of the webinar is now available along with The Plan for a limited time. An exclusive bonus package is also available from founding member Marcus Lim.

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The December 2, 2021 webinar replay for The Plan by Dan Hollings