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On Friday, a mob in Sialkot tortured & killed a Sri Lankan plant manager accused of blasphemy before burning his corpse

People witnessed Priyantha Kumara move after he was set on fire. This must be heartbreaking for his family.

To kill a human being in the name of Islamic morality is to dishonor morality itself. This innocent Sri Lankan manager was tortured and then burned alive. This act in itself is an act of blasphemy.”
— Andy Vermaut - World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue

DIKSMUIDE, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, December 5, 2021 / -- The corpse of a Sri Lankan man who was working as a manager at a local business was tortured to death by a crowd in Sialkot on Friday, police said. The guy was accused of blasphemy and his body was then burned, according to police.The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued a statement saying that the "cold-blooded murder" committed by a crowd in Sialkot was "condemnable and humiliating." As the ISPR put it, "extra-judicial vigilantism of this kind must not be tolerated at any cost." After murdering the factory's export manager, the employees of private industries assaulted him on Wazirabad Road in Sialkot and set his corpse on fire after killing him. The event occurred on the city's Wazirabad Road. In videos uploaded on social media, hundreds of men and young boys were seen assembled around the spot, with groups of them singing slogans in unison.

Outraged by these developments, Diksmuide & Brussels, Belgian, European based human rights defender Andy Vermaut, the new President of the World Council for Public Diplomacy & Community Dialogue (WCPD&CD) and Manel Msalmi, president of the European Association for the Defense of Minorities (EADM) expressed their anguish and feel disgusted by this gruesome murder and horrendous act against humanity in Pakistan's Sialkot on Friday, December 3, 2021. Both the World Council for Public Diplomacy & Community Dialogue (WCPD&CD) and the European Association for the defense of minorities (EADM) are calling for an international dialogue on this cruel event and a week of national mourning in Sri Lanka where the flags are hung at half mast. Manel Msalmi, who has been warning the world about this form of extremism for some time, says: "This is the nightmare I always feared. Nobody deserves such an undignified death," says Manel Msalmi, who is also globally a well known feminist.   

Belgian human rights defender Andy Vermaut who is also president of the global fundamental rights movement PostVersa is particularly displeased. Andy Vermaut chimes in: "The live incineration of Sri Lankan factory manager Priyantha Kumara became a popular celebration in Pakistan. Surely this is not acceptable. As a society, you can't accept this at all. In the name of what religion can you justify this?  It is precisely the disregard for human rights in Pakistan that leads to such barbaric acts. The Talibanization of Pakistani society is a woeful fact, and this heinous act of which Priyantha Kumara was a victim is further proof of it. The rule of law is a farce where and when people take matters into their own hands. We call that barbarism." Andy Vermaut and Manel Msalmi both have raised issues recently against Pakistan for its  duplicity of in speech and actions. Both are raising their voice against persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, condition of women and children in Pakistan and using blasphemy as an excuse to lynch and murder members of minority communities. While non-Muslims are being lynched in Pakistan, Imran Khan is busy blaming the world of Islamophobia. Andy Vermaut: "The torture and burning alive of Priyantha Kumara is the ultimate insult to the prophet Mohamed. This act is also an insult to all Islamic people in the world. Too bad you guys don't realize this. While Pakistan is promoting its Buddhist heritage to woo Sri Lanka, radical mob are busy in lynching "Sri-Lankans"."

People sang and danced
Andy Vermaut continued: "When I saw the images of a man being beaten and dragged out of his factory, I couldn't sleep for a night. I spent a whole night awake from the cruelty of this scene. This is incredible that people have become such beasts. That people say they did this horrific act in the name of the Prophet Mohamed to protect Islam is even more unbelievable to me. Whatever the mob did in Sialkot is the purest act of blasphemy. The violence was simply encouraged. Not 1 person tried to avoid the horror, and people saw Priyantha Kumara still moving after he was set on fire. This must be terrible for his parents, his loved ones and his family. It even became a real popular celebration. People sang and danced while burning a person alive. Is this how Pakistani society has become? What a real shame. To kill a human being in the name of Islamic morality is to dishonor Islamic morality itself. This innocent Sri Lankan factory manager was simply brutally tortured and then burned alive. This act in itself is an act of blasphemy," says Andy Vermaut.

On Twitter Imran Khan, prime minister of Pakistan stated the following:"The horrific vigilante attack on factory in Sialkot & the burning alive of Sri Lankan manager is a day of shame for Pakistan. I am overseeing the investigations & let there be no mistake all those responsible will be punished with full severity of the law. Arrests are in progress." Andy Vermaut is deeply impressed by what has happened. Andy Vermaut:"Yes,these people have done dishonor to all Pakistanis in the whole world and all Pakistan and the whole Islamic world. They are the ones responsible for Pakistan being seen as extremist in the world and becoming more distrustful of itself. And who created the conditions for this to take place? Unfortunately the Pakistani state and the regime of Imran Khan, for whom when he once started as prime minister I thought he would become a great statesman, but unfortunately he is now also colluding with the Islamists in Pakistan and insulting Prophet Muhammad with such an act. Imran Khan, what has become of you? You should not show crocodile tears now. You helped shape this policy and created the ideal conditions for this atrocity to take place. This man from Sri Lanka who helped build Pakistani society did not deserve to die. This is one more proof, which is why, for me, December 3 will forever be etched on my retinas. The mob must be identified and everyone must be punished for such heinous act. Imran Khan, on the one hand you "Talibanise" the society  make deals with radicals and terrorist organization and encourage extremist by  becoming spokesman of Taliban government to put pressure on the world to recognize their government but on the other hand expect your own people not to be subsumed by "radicalization" and  accuse the world of Islamophobia."

Extending life as normal
Andy Vermaut stares ahead and continues, visibly emotional. Andy Vermaut:" What people do to each other anyway? It's unbelievable.Europe, like we say the European Union and the United Nations should conduct a full investigation into this barbarism, and I want that the United States should conduct also a similar investigation with the support of the United Kingdom. The world should now act rather than issuing statements or passing resolutions like passed resolutions against Pakistan for blasphemy by the European Parliament on 29 April of this year. While gruesome murders continue to happen in the name of blasphemy, religious and ethnic minorities are being trampled in Pakistan, but the European world is busy in extending GSP+ like schemes to financially support such governments which pilferage into the hands of fundamentalist and ultimately embolden the extremists. At the next meeting of the World Council for Public Diplomacy & Community Dialogue, we will discuss this issue and see what further actions we can take as a whole global community. I do not want Priyantha Kumara to have died for nothing. There must be consequences attached to this," emphasized Andy Vermaut. The leader of the Opposition in National Assembly in Pakistan, stated in his personal account. "Utterly horrific & shocking incident in Sialkot today. Such actions must be condemned & discouraged & those responsible be held to account as per law. It is time we followed our beloved Prophet's (PBUH) message of peace, compassion, love & mercy for all in true letter and spirit!"

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