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The article discusses the various types of car keys, the importance of chip keys and transponder keys, and the differences between them.

My worst habit is probably that I'm extremely messy. My scatter-brain mind - forgetting where things are or losing my car keys. That's an expensive habit indeed.”
— Man Ulim
MCKINNEY, TEXAS, USA, December 9, 2021 / -- The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world in many ways. Some ways were good, others were bad. One thing that was certain is that the pandemic created a huge demand for chip-producing companies due to shipping troubles.

Nowadays, many locksmith companies in the US are struggling to keep up with supplying chip keys for cars.

Meyer's Locksmith has been a trusted name in the industry. They are known for providing high-quality locksmith services that meet or exceed customer expectations, which is why they've earned themselves an excellent reputation over time!

It wasn't easy to put our hand on a new stock of chip keys, but Meyer's locksmith had to do something in order to avoid any potential shortages during these times.

Meyer's locksmith recommends that if there's an urgent need for a key, please don't hesitate to call the nearest locksmith and they fix the problem as soon as possible!

With a stock location in McKinney, TX, and an emphasis on aiding truck and car drivers from all around Texas.

Meyer's locksmith introducing new ways for key programming.

Automotive locksmithing has always been the most challenging part of the locksmith industry.

We have been in business for 12 years

The company acquired the state of art car remote and key programming tool to make their service even more efficient.

With the new key coding tool, a car key replacement process is down to 5 min from the original 20 minutes.

To keep up with the ever-changing Covid-19 social distance laws, Meyer's Locksmiths is now offering fast solutions. This will ensure that they are able to serve their customers' needs in an efficient and professional manner!

Don't trust Key Machines to replace a real locksmith

The short answer is no, but there are some key machines that can do a lot of the work that a locksmith does. But it is mostly simple residential keys. The more complex work, such as high-security locks and decoding complex locks, still needs a professional locksmith.

When a car key replacement is needed, then a key machine cannot connect any car and program the key. It requires the proper equipment and expertise to do that type of work.

Chip keys, FOB Keys & Transponder keys.

Many names to one item. All refer to the chip that lies inside the car's key plastic shell. This piece of technology has been the bread and butter of car key replacement for decades.

This is what keeps vehicles safe, and prevents keys copied easily, and helps ensure that only people with a chip-key and matching transponder can enter and start an automobile.

While many manufacturers have automated the process to make it more convenient, there are still many keys that need to be cut and programmed by a locksmith.

Actually, besides Tesla, all major car manufacturers brands are using transponders, making the car key replacement a high-demand service.

Another thing I should mention is the car key replacement cost at the dealership. They will charge usually $300-$1200 for a key, while a locksmith will charge around $100-$300.

The moral of the article is that if someone needs a chip key or transponder key, they shouldn't wait until losing it or breaking it to get a replacement. Get it done as soon as possible!

After-market car remote and key are fragile,

After a few months, they start acting up. It is very inconvenient, especially when there's no extra car key. That is why all car manufacturers produce factory car remotes compatible with their cars.

That's right! Anyone can get an OEM replacement factory-made remote for any automobile. This remote will fit the best, and provide 100% connectivity.

But if budget is an issue, then an after-market car remote would be a fair solution. Pay attention that not any after-market key is compatible with all cars make or model.

Again, there's no difference between a transponder key and a chip key.

The chip key has the microchip embedded inside the plastic, while the transponder key has the chip installed on the fob.

Chip keys are popular, all new cars come with them from the factory.

The bottom line: It's a good idea to get a car key replacement as soon as possible, don't wait until it's too late!

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