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Verbal Transactions Launches Simulations to Teach Sales Reps How to Overcome Cold Calling Objections with Miles Croft

Overcoming Cold Calling Objections

Users get to practice in their own voice how to overcome eight cold calling objections.

WHEATON, IL, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / -- Verbal Transactions, has launched a new series of training simulation programs that leverage their ACES Simulator, (automated cognitive engagement system) with well known content providers. The simulator leverages the power of speech recognition and bot technology to allow users to practice in their own voice how to properly engage with characters in each scenario. The built-in automated intelligence, automates the observations of each interaction and will have the coaching bot intervene when necessary to interact in a conversational manner to help coach the user through each scenario.

Their most recent release “Overcoming Cold Calling Objections” was done in partnership with Miles Croft, a well-known LinkedIn Learning and Udemy sales trainer. In this program, Miles walks users through eight types of cold calling objections and clearly explains how to overcome them. At the end of each objection type, the user then has the opportunity to practice each objection in the scenarios presented, to sharpen their skills directly from their own computer.

“This is a project I'm really excited about. It's been fantastic working with Verbal Transactions and their ACES Simulator takes learning a step beyond simply being told and allows the user to truly practice their new skills. This will revolutionize sales training as we know it and I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of that”
The simulation works as a desktop app and seamlessly leverages the built-in speech recognition engine native to every Windows PC.
“We look forward to working with Miles and hope to put out additional programs in the future”, states Nancy Munro, CEO of Verbal Transactions.
User can also request to have the simulations customized for an additional cost.

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Overcoming Cold Calling Objections Simulation