The Dodo’s Quest Announces Upcoming Launch of its Exciting New NFT Collection

The Dodo’s Quest

The Dodo’s Quest 2

The innovative collection will serve as an access ticket to a giant treasure hunt to take place next year.

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, December 1, 2021 / -- The Dodo’s Quest is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its brand-new and engaging NFT Collection – a collection that will enable both the general public and investors to participate in an exciting treasure hunt in 2022.

The Dodo’s Quest is a story-based collection of up to 12,000 unique dressed up Dodos NFT. Designed specifically to link the NFT world with the real world, The Dodo’s Quest takes participants on an epic treasure hunt to find six Golden Dodos hidden somewhere across the world. The event will take place both online and offline, thereby creating an NFT treasure hunt the world has never seen before.

“We are incredibly excited for the upcoming launch of The Dodo’s Quest, as this is a major event that’s been in development for a very long time,” says co-founder of The Dodo’s Quest, Amarylis Hibon. “It has always been our mission to create the world’s most unique NFT experience and we know we’ve done just that.”

According to Hibon, The Dodo’s Quest is based on a delightful story to help create an engaging and interactive experience for investors. In the story, The Dodos have been artificially created in a New York basement laboratory by a desperate scientist who wanted to leave a legacy in the world. One day, the 12,000 Dodos manage to escape the laboratory and reach the streets of New York. Wanting to travel incognito to their home country in order not to be caught, they decide to enter a party shop and dress up.

The Dodo’s Quest is set to take place over the course of 2022 and is developed by the team and professional treasure hunt specialists. A first “small” treasure hunt will be launched in early Q1 of 2022 in the form of a picture book. The treasure hunt will be available to the general public (not only NFT holders) and the first prize will be $10,000.

“With this first treasure hunt, our objective is to make The Dodo’s Quest known by a large group of people outside of the NFT sphere and, at the end, to increase the number of people who wants to buy a Dodo’s NFT in order to participate to the big treasure hunt, thus raising the floor price of the collection,” Hibon states. “Then, the main treasure hunt will be held in late Q2, early Q3 of 2022.”

The total value of prizes in The Dodo’s Quest is quite significant, with more than $500,000 USD to be won. Main prizes will consist of six Golden Dodos statues, set with precious stones and created by a professional sculptor, and hidden across the world (one per continent, Antarctica excluded). Each Golden Dodo will be worth at least $50,000, but can be worth much more, depending on the royalties that the project will earn from the resale of the NFT tokens.

The secondary prizes will consist of six Silver Statues, set with precious stones. These statues will not be physically hidden, and the treasure hunt will take place online, meaning every participant will be able to find them from the comfort of their home. Each Silver Dodo will be worth at least $25,000, but can also be worth much more depending on royalties. Winners will also receive a unique and epic NFT linked to the statue they have found.

“The fun doesn’t stop there, though!” exclaims Hibon. “A special party will be organized at the end of the treasure hunt to reveal the winners. Every holder of a Dodo NFT will be invited to the party and the winner will get all their travel expenses paid. It’s going to be such an incredible experience and we are very much looking forward to it.”

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About The Dodo’s Quest

Co-founded by Amarylis Hibon, The Dodo’s Quest is a collection of 12,000 unique dressed up Dodos NFT. Each Dodo serves as an access token to one of the most epic treasure hunts of the century.

Amarylis Hibon, known as Amylili, is an Artist and Illustrator, creator of The Cute Feminist, a womxn empowerment platform, and the co-creator of The Dodo’s Quest.

Amarylis Hibon
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