Kenya’s Kavod Foundation Honors Kathy Barton-Brown with The Kavod Foundation International Service Award

Universal Peace Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon, Dr. Kathy Barton Brown, Damaris Njoroge and World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West

Dr. Kathy Barton Brown host VIP lunch meeting in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Robin West, Dr. Kathy Barton Brown, Universal Peace Ambassador Dr. Ruben West

Dr. Kathy Barton Brown - Speaks at Kenya Conference

Dr. Kathy Barton Brown - Heart Of A Man Conference Organizer

Dr. Kathy Barton-Brown of the United States Honored for Her International Service in Kenya

The Kavod Foundation is committed to recognizing top level individuals that are making difference for others. Dr. Kathy Barton Brown is definitely one of those individuals.”
— Dr. Juma Nashon
NAIROBI CITY, GREENSPAN, KENYA, December 1, 2021 / -- During a special public ceremony held on Saturday, November 20th, 2021, in Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Juma Nashon and Damaris Njoroge honored Kathy Barton-Brown with The Kavod Foundation International Service Award. The Kavod Foundation is a Kenyan-based nonprofit organization focused on providing services to people in need. The organization is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged individuals in the communities in Africa. Through the Showers of Mercy Initiative, the foundation has provided food, clothing, improved the deplorable house structures of widows, and provided them with other forms of personal assistance even during this COVID crisis. The organization has also trained and empowered women with life skills and entrepreneurial skills to engage in income-generating enterprises. The foundation’s efforts have even extended beyond the borders of Kenya to mentor and foster young boys and girls from vulnerable families.

Dr. Kathy’s background is fascinating; she has an impressive media resume and has trained broadcast announcers for over 40 years. She has also been a radio broadcaster for 43 years. She thoroughly enjoys media as the tool to promote her platform “Reversing the Curse of Dysfunctional Relationships.” She is a Contributor to WJRT-TV, the local ABC affiliate for the Newsmaker Program. As a clinical director, Kathy has recruited and oversaw clinical Staff and interns and provided supervision to therapists and interns. She has also helped manage community counseling centers and outpatient services and helped build relationships with local clergy to support community centers.

Dr. Kathy has also trained and worked as a psychotherapist and a clinical social worker as an Outpatient Therapist – Private Practice. With this qualification, she provides therapy and counseling sessions for individuals, children, adults, families, and couples using multiple clinical and psychotherapeutic approaches. She has trained countless interns to be spiritually conscious and accountable with the lives entrusted to them and in their care.

In 2001, Kathy trained to facilitate crisis intervention where she was certified as a Critical Incident Stress De-briefer. She also monitors and manages EAP (Employee Assistance Program) cases for General Motors, by conducting brief therapy and making necessary referrals to employees in different organizations. In her role of conducting brief therapy services, Dr. Kathy specializes in counseling individuals who have been diagnosed with Mood and Personality Disorders. She also helps to facilitate Management and Community Workshops in companies and organizations where she teaches skills to improve the Employer/Employee Relationship. This has also seen her be contracted with G.M. to provide crisis intervention, mental health, substance abuse evaluations, referrals, and counseling. In 2018- present, Dr. Kathy Barton Brown taught various psychosocial-based classes, including Psychology, Sociology, Substance Abuse, Abuse and Neglect in the Family, Case Management/Casework, DSM, and diagnostics while working as part-time Staff at Baker College. From there, she built relationships with students while acting as a coach, mentor, and instructor. Her engagement at Baker College also gave her the needed experience with Blackboard, Canvas, and online communications.

In 2006, she worked at Battle Creek Health Systems – Helpnet as A Clinical Therapist/Case Manager. She was responsible for managing over 300 GM employees and their family members and advice against substance abuse and mental health needs. Kathy also worked closely with GM reps and UAW officials, where she assisted with program development. She was also responsible for marketing with GM, major insurance reps, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, and Magellan. In addition, she managed and provided services for over 400 Employee Assistant Program (EAP) contracts.

Kathy also got engaged with the City of Flint-Victim Advocacy Program Director. She was responsible for developing and marketing an intern/volunteer program with local universities and colleges with local media, religious communities, and schools. She was also engaged in writing and facilitating three major local, state, and federal grant proposals totally nearly a million dollars annually, where she promoted community education and awareness. Her passion for justice for the oppressed made her initiate balanced and restorative justice principles in 68th District Court and Circuit Court. In this initiative, Kathy worked closely with the City of Flint Attorneys, Genesee County Prosecutors, and District Court Judges to develop an Advisory Board. She also designed and implemented annual workshops observing victim rights week and domestic violence awareness month. Besides, she also assisted with developing the Hate Crimes Task Force policies and procedures and created and developed victim assistance components to the Genesee County Teen Court Program. Kathy also worked closely with the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition Genesee County. Over $5 million grant dollars have been acquired through the writing efforts of Dr. Kathy Barton Brown.

Her other community involvement activities include being the Chairperson of Genesee Valley Regional Board 1998–2001, Member, Youth Violence Prevention Coalition 1998-2001, Member, Hate Crimes Task Force 1998-2001, Member, Transition House Board of Directors 2002- 2004, Co-host WFLT African American Radio Show, “Friendly Therapist” 11/06 – present, and Member, Visually Impaired Center Board of Director’s 2005 – 6/2007. Kathy has also been involved as a Member of the Family Service Agency Board of Directors 6/2007 – 10/2016, Kids Fitness Camp Board of Directors June 2013 – present, Member, NASW #886446552, Member, Black Belt Speaker Training March 17-present, Board Member – Live Your Best Life 2017-present and Board Member – Get Empowered Training 2018 –present. She has changed lives through her event “From the Heart of a Man: For Women Only” in March and November 2018. The event was so successful that new adventures are springing forth! Most outstandingly, Kathy Brown has authored several books and featured in most magazines and publications, including Live Your Best Life, The Time is Now! 09/17, The One Bite Principle: Overcoming Procrastination in 30 Days Workout (Her pending book), Teach Me to Be a Wife (pending), and Teach Me to Be a Wife Workbook (pending)

Kathy has also been honored with other National and International Awards, including Regional Women’s Leader Award-2018, National Statesmen Leadership Award -2018, Women Make a Difference International Award-2018, International Leadership Award 2018, Global Voice of Change Recipient 2018, and International Civility Leader Award 2020. In July 2021, Dr. Barton Brown received the Dr. Astelle Collins Global Inspiration Award for her undying passion to empower people through her training, “Reversing the Curse of Dysfunctional Relationships!”

Dr. Juma Nashon is the CEO of the Kavod foundation. His commitment to finding persons of excellence across the globe has seen him visit different countries. On his most recent trip to the United States he visited Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Utah, California, and more identifying quality individuals to connect with. Prior to this event, the most recent U.S. recipient of the Kavod International Service Award was World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West of Illinois.

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Dr. Kathy Barton Brown In Action