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AIT Engineering – providing Cybersecurity Services to the Department of Defense in support of Training Systems

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AIT Engineering, Jason Eddy, President

Jason Eddy, President, AIT Engineering

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CEOCFO Magazine interviews AIT Engineering President Jason Eddy on Risk Management and How they Keep the Bad Guys Out

We assume bad things are going to happen so we focus on how we can make the impact as small as possible.”
— Jason Eddy

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, US, November 30, 2021 / -- CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Jason Eddy, President of AIT Engineering, a Orlando, Florida-based company providing Cybersecurity Services to the Department of Defense.


“We can never fully prevent anything, but in our world, they key is how we minimize the exposure when it happens. We assume bad things are going to happen so we focus on how we can make the impact as small as possible,” said Mr. Eddy during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Asked what types of projects AIT Engineering works on, Mr. Eddy said, “Typically, we are handling the cybersecurity for Department of Defense systems where we basically do all the things ranging from system hardening to monitoring and security compliance where we make sure to keep the bad guys out.”

As for the different segments of the DOD that are their clients, Mr. Eddy shared, “We typically work mostly with the Army and a little bit with the Navy and Marine Corps. In most cases we are supporting the training systems sectors.”

Explaining the types of engineering services they provide, Mr. Eddy told Lynn, “These unique services include information technology, software engineering, logistics, and everything required to support to DOD training systems.”

Asked what they understand about cybersecurity that less experienced people do not recognize is important, Mr. Eddy replied, “Our approach for cybersecurity is all about risk management. Lots of folks in the cybersecurity space tend to want to have an all-or-nothing approach. This approach is typically successful on the cybersecurity side of things, but at the detriment of systems functionality and performance. Our role is to come in and help find the balance between just enough security to keep the bad guys out yet allows the systems to continue to perform and conduct the mission. Finding that sweet spot between being totally security compliant and remaining completely functional is what we do.”

Explaining the need for the specialized field of specialized engineering, Mr. Eddy responded, “I think anyone that is in the DOD space knows that it’s a critical specialty to make sure that when a system is built, the design takes into account the end state and sustainment needs of the system to keep it securely operational. Doing this security engineering early in the process makes sure that we do not build a system and make it operational only to realize that it cannot maintain proper security hygiene and then have to go back and redesign the system.” Mr. Eddy continued, “These are the kind of costly mistakes that organizations would typically only make once, so including security engineering up front is where we come in and not wait till the end when it’s too late.”

Asked why choose AIT Engineering, Mr. Eddy told CEOCFO, "First is our people. Our engineers are absolutely the best at what they do and we would not be here without them. I think our secret sauce is about creating communication. Our automation frameworks allow all of these smart people to share their recipes for success with their peers within the company so we can reuse all the successes across the teams.”

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