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100 Years after the Anniversary of Black Wall Street

LAS VEGAS NV, NV, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- Following the death of Ronnie Wilson in November of 2021, the Wilson family is increasing their public image, philanthropic offerings, and business holdings. Much is known about the music side of the family, with a rich music history of Lowell Fulsom, The Gap Band, and Charlie Wilson. Wilson Holdings Global, led by Franklin and Michelle Wilson is stepping back into the spotlight. “With so much success and history under our belt, we just feel like it’s time to give back in a major way” states Franklin Wilson, Chairman of WHG.

Wilson Holding Global is currently working on movie projects about their family history; one, a series, and the other, a docu-series. WHG will also be financing projects and starting a philanthropic foundation. The Dr. Floyd L Wilson Foundation will be dedicated to providing assistance to the elderly community in the inner city, as well as offering programs and scholarships for inner city youth.

Frank and Michelle, currently live on the west coast, and have started and scaled several businesses over the years. They currently co-own Wilson Sego, a commercial and residential acquisition and development company. The Wilson’s are also currently partners in many different ventures from gold mines to SmartCity Resorts to patented mobile apps. “This generation is lost in direction, rhetoric and much more, the time has come to help them be the best version of themselves, we are building a better tomorrow … for them.”

Pierre Akin, Director of Business Development for WHG, states “We are glad to see Mr. Wilson step back on the scene, our community needs it. However, stepping back in implies you stepped back. Why?” asked Pierre Akin. Frank Wilson replies that after “retirement, enjoying life with my wife, serving and mentoring others, the pandemic allowed me to readjust my priorities. It has also motivated me to understand that life is short, and you only live once, so I put the pedal to the medal and am now going full speed ahead.” “Our goal”, Mr. Wilson continues, “is to build a better tomorrow for generations to come.”

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