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EGO marks a milestone with more than 70 artists from over 40 countries for peace

People of all ethnicities, races, creeds and walks of life come together in the "song of the nations"

EGO is a life purpose to improve the world.”
— TRIPLE 7 (T7)
SPAIN, November 29, 2021 / -- EGO is more than a social and humanitarian project, it is a life purpose to improve the world.

This cultural and humanitarian project is created by TRIPLE 7 (T7) who is the creator, composer, author and musician behind the project. He has collaborated with artists from different countries to bring EGO World Music to life.

While talking to the media TRIPLE 7 (T7) was quoted as saying “Through EGO World Music, we seek to raise awareness about equality, social diversity both ethnic and cultural, sexual, as well as any other type and sustainability, being music the common thread.”

The EGO project released the first single on November 25, 2020 with "WE ARE ONE". In March 2021 the second single "REDEMPTION" was released, on September 21, 2021 (the international day of peace) "HUMANITY" was released and on November 18 "HUMANITY MERRY CHRISTMAS" and it’s Spanish version was released!

The verses have featured the famous phrases of the most relevant thinkers throughout history such as Cicero, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Calderon de la Barca, Voltaire, Nietzche and Henry Ward Beecher, among others.

It took four months to record and produce with a single message: "May that which unites us be stronger than that which separates us". Now presents the Christmas version in English and Spanish with a beautiful video clip.

The "social chorus" at the end of the song is sung by 32 singers from 32 countries empowering the new generations for Peace and Unity....

As curiosities, the theme has foundations in numerology and ends with binaural waves Theta (mental activity and positive thoughts).

Following are the guest artists who are part of this unique initiative:
Victoria Zhong(China)
Sharel C. Noronha(United Arab Emirates)
Chris Bakes (New Zealand)
Rickard Lidberg (Sweden)
Addttrctv (Indonesia)
Asad Khan (Afghanistan)
Fee (Hong Kong)
Wafir Shaikheldin (Sudan)
Sunni Muslim (Palestine)
Gali Sadeh (Israel)
Lil Baek (South Korea)
Jordi Armisen (Spain)
Tim Stephenson (United States)
Arman Virdi (India)
Hernán Romero (Argentina)
Sebastian Tudor (Romania)
Jahdé (Canada)
Samuel Thesing (Germany)
Marianna Korek (Poland)
Tohar Yair (Israel)
Ava Days (Russia)
Pablo Granadino (Venezuela)
Mihal Labat (Serbia)
Christian Chisco (Mexico)
Veronika Lebetskaya (Belarus)
Kira Mazur (Ukraine)
Millicent Chimonyo (Zimbabwe)
Ngwang Rinus (Cameroon)
Ivan Nivia (Colombia)
Erkan Erginci (Turkey)
AJRadaza (Philippines)
Franco Estrada (Peru)
Ivana Diaz (Chile)
Niki Yaghmaee (Iran)
Golsana Shenasaei (Iran)
Nektarios Tsattlios (Greece)
Erica Chang (Taiwan)
Nick Northeast (Australia)
Ignacio Guijarro García (Spain)
Cecilia Guijarro de Orellana (Spain)
Mª del Pilar Alonso de Manuel (Spain)
Remedios Hernández Cerdá (Spain)
Belén Tercero Sánchez (Spain)
Iñaki Orbe Mendiola (Spain)
Nancy Serrano Batista (United Kingdom)
Adriana Novales (Spain)
Raul Osuna (Spain)
Ricardo Manchas Sánchez (Spain)
Leire Bolado Sañudo Bolado (Spain)
Victor Carrasco (Spain)
17 Buddhist monks (Tibet)

Composed, produced, written (original lyrics) and arranged by T7
Recorded in 41 locations around the world
Central Studio "Piscis Dream" (El Escorial - Madrid / Spain)
Recorded from May to Nov. 2021
Version "HUMANITY HAPPY CHRISTMAS" from Oct. to Nov. 21
Mixed and mastered by Oscar Clavel in Nov. 2021
Music video for "HUMANIDAD FELIZ NAVIDAD" directed and edited by T7 from Nov. 21
(Images under license from AdobeStock, Depositphotos, Storyblocks and Artgrid)
After FX: Rakesh Prajapati (India)
Cover design, digital booklet and dossiers by T7
Web design by Benjamín Clemente
Logo design by Román Reyes
Conceptual design by T7

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