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DG Nika AG is now making the first arrangements for the clinical trials

2-DG is fighting Corona infections

BUOCHS, SWITZERLAND, November 30, 2021 / -- Swiss company DG Nika AG sees the current reactions to the new Corona-variant Omicron along with the already existing questions about the rising number of breakthrough infections, as an opportunity to share information about the current state of its research.  
For over 18 months, DG Nika AG has been conducting intensive research on how to prevent viral infections as well as on how to swiftly stop breakthrough infections.
The remedy of choice is a glucose derivate, referred to as 2-DG. In the meantime, it has been proven, that Corona spike proteins lose their “special features” after being exposed to 2-DG that restrains the virus from nesting in the epithelial cells and from reproducing. This allows stopping an infection outbreak on time.  

Furthermore, 2-DG can be used pre-emptively. It changes ACE2 receptor so that further binding of the virus becomes impossible.

this is already mentioned in scientific publications as
Gualdoni, G.A., et al., Rhinovirus induces an anabolic reprogramming in host cell metabolism essential for viral replication. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2018. 115(30): p. E7158-E7165.

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and many more.

New patent

These findings have been incorporated into an extensive patent. DG Nika AG engages in constant exchange about the most recent developments and for authorization steps with relevant institutions.
With the above-mentioned state of knowledge, DG Nika AG is now making the first arrangements for the clinical trials.  
For more detailed information visit the company’s website:

Invitation for funding by third parties

Since till date, the entire research has been financed exclusively from its own funds, DG Nika AG invites all interested professional investors to participate in the further financing of the project. This would ensure a prompt accomplishment of the upcoming clinical tests.  

The CEO of DG-Nika ,Mr. Georg Wander, states:
"DG Nika AG strongly believes that it can provide a sustainable solution to the Corona problem. 2-DG proves to be effective independently from the variant of the virus and half-lives of the vaccines.  It is non-toxic and therefore it can be used as a preventive in case of large gatherings, i.e., on long-haul flights. 
In other words, 2-DG presents an effective alternative to the current methods in the fight with Corona. " 
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