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Celebrating 32 Years For 32 Days: Inventor's Son Recreates Iconic CooperVision Contact Lens Cleaner, Only On Kickstarter

Visonic Dome ultrasonic contact lens cleaner works the push of a single button

Visonic Dome helps you keep your contact lenses clean and comfortable with the push of a button.

visonic dome baskets

Cleaning your contact lenses is as easy as storing them for the night.

visonic dome kickstarter 1989 prototype

Original Visonic Dome prototype from 1989 (left) and the current 2021 tribute design (right)

This Kickstarter campaign isn’t about selling a product. It’s about celebrating a design that has stood the test of time. And it’s about paying tribute to the man who made it – my father.”
— Daniel Weber, Kickstarter campaign creator & son of inventor
JACKSON, WYOMING, USA, November 24, 2021 / -- Originally developed by German entrepreneur, Helmut Weber, for CooperVision Inc, Visonic Dome promised to simplify the way we clean our contact lenses and keep our eyes healthy. It debuted at Vision Expo, East, in 1989 and was made in America until 2002. 19 years later, Weber’s son, Daniel, celebrates his father’s design as a limited-edition, modernized recreation, exclusively on for 32 days, from Nov 9 – Dec 11, 2021.

“This Kickstarter campaign isn’t about selling a product,” says Daniel Weber, son of Visonic Dome inventor. “It’s about celebrating a design that has stood the test of time. And it’s about paying tribute to the man who made it – my father.”

Visonic Dome combines minimalist form and proven technology to make contact lens care easy and convenient. Ideal for anyone who wears their lenses for longer than a day, Visonic Dome uses ultrasonic vibrations to blast away dirt and irritating deposits in a phenomenon called “cavitation” – the rapid formation, expansion and collapse of countless microscopic bubbles. It works for all contact lens types with any multipurpose solution, so there’s no extra cost of additional cleaning chemicals.

"Contact lenses should always feel fresh and comfortable. Keeping them clean doesn't need to be a hassle,” says Daniel Weber, son of Visonic Dome inventor and Kickstarter Campaign Creator. “I believe my dad's design is still the most convenient way to keep your contacts clean - and your eyes healthy.”

According to, 65% of contact lens wearers choose longer-term lenses, either to suit an existing eye condition or to reduce cost and waste. But when 85% of contact lens wearers believe they’re following all the proper guidelines for contact lens care and only 2% actually are, Visonic Dome may prove to be more relevant than its age suggests.

Celebrating 32 years since its original debut at Vision Expo in New York City, Visonic Dome is available exclusively on crowdfunding website, for 32 days. This limited-edition recreation blends the iconic design with modern electronics, like USB-C connectivity. Pricing starts at $79 for early supporters. The campaign ends 07:00 AM EST on Dec 11, 2021.

Features and benefits of Visonic Dome include:

• Use Your Favorite Solution – works with any disinfecting multipurpose solution, so the user can keep using their preferred brand.
• Works For All Contact Lens Types - effectively cleans everything from soft (silicone-hydrogel) to rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.
• Clinically Proven – tested by Ora Clinical Labs and proven to be as effective as enzymatic cleaning solutions.
• Hands-free & Automatic – a built-in timer shuts off Visonic Dome when cleaning is complete. No settings, no moving parts. No hassle.
• Only On Kickstarter – exclusively available until Dec 11, 2021, as a limited-edition of no more than 1,989 units

About Visonic Dome: Visonic Dome was originally developed by Helmut Weber for CooperVision and debuted at Vision Expo in 1989. For 13 years, it was made and sold under the trade name “LenSoClean” from the shelves of thousands of optometrists and retailers, including Walmart and Walgreens. This Kickstarter campaign sees Daniel Weber and 100+ backers celebrate the 32-year anniversary with a 32-day, final edition run.

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