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Brittany Golden of Missouri Sets Her Sights on STEM

Brittany Golden of Missouri on STEM

BALLWIN, MO, UNITED STATES , November 22, 2021 / -- Brittany Golden OF Ballwin, MO, and her place in the STEM space. STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Many people think that you cannot be interested in STEM and have a creative side as well. Those people don't know Brittany Golden. You can have a healthy interest in STEM and be both creative and compassionate. Currently, Brittany Golden is both an undergraduate student at Lindenwood University as well as a professional dog groomer. She is a competent multi-tasker.

She is passionate about both of these facets of her life and will not compromise on either. says a lot about Brittany Golden Ballwin. If you're not sure who can manage a full-time undergraduate course load as well as be a great dog groomer, check out Britany Golden on her website. Her website is called Britney Golden because she is very proud of the state she resides in. is known as the "show me state" and that is how Brittany conducts her life. Just like the gentleman who is credited with coining the unofficial nickname, Willard Vandiver, Brittany Golden Ballwin prefers to show you rather than tell you what she values in life.

Women have a place everywhere and especially in STEM - ask Brittany Golden. In the very near future, 2023 to be exact, Brittany Golden plans to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, (with emphasis on Application Development). In short, Application Development is the procedural implementation of computer program creation wherein programs are designed to perform various specific tasks for a given business.

It is important to encourage women to consider STEM careers. In the not so distant past, women were discouraged from pursuing jobs in this area. The theory was that STEM was too rigid and complex for women to shine. Nothing can be further from the truth and Brittany Golden is a gleaming example of that.
STEM is the process that allows our society to function. Science explains how everything from medicine to a well-manicured lawn works. Along that line, technology, engineering, and mathematics go hand in hand to help humanity live, express, and explain itself. When you consider the vastness of the STEM space, it makes it more palatable to believe that anyone can be a part of it with the right education and training. That's where Brittany Golden has set her sights.

In addition to being a full-time student and professional, credentialed dog groomer, Brittany Golden works as a Technician Help Desk I at Centene Corporation. There, she is able to utilize the skills she's learning in school to help people understand the technology they need for work.

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