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Ethan Sak Continues the Narrative Behind Upcoming Debut Album "Blue" with Latest Single "Lonely Life"

Ethan Sak @ethansak poses for Photographer Dani Thompson @danithompsonmusic and Creative Director Joelle Cary @joellemariie of DNT Entertainment during recent press photo shoot for new album "Blue"

Ethan Sak - Act I of Debut Album "Blue"

Ethan Sak @ethansak poses for Photographer Dani Thompson @danithompsonmusic and Creative Director Joelle Cary @joellemariie of DNT Entertainment during recent press photo shoot for new album "Blue"

Ethan Sak - Act II of Debut Album "Blue"

Ethan Sak @ethansak poses for Photographer Dani Thompson @danithompsonmusic and Creative Director Joelle Cary @joellemariie of DNT Entertainment during recent press photo shoot for new album "Blue"

Ethan Sak - Act III of Debut Album "Blue"

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The recent release of Ethan Sak's latest single "Lonely Life," continues a powerful narrative into an enlightening concept album about suicide and reflection.

I want listeners to know that it's OK to feel hopeless sometimes.”
— Ethan Sak
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 18, 2021 / -- “Lonely Life” is the fourth of five singles off Ethan Sak’s upcoming 90 minute debut album “Blue." It carries forward an established narrative through sonic set-building, while simultaneously being a stunning account of someone struggling with depression. With suicide rates increasing as quarantine ceases, suicide awareness becomes a need to address issue that “Blue” attempts to confront.

The lyrics hit you in the chest, the performance is powerful and emotional, and the story is relatable and thought provoking. Ethan Sak captivates a global audience with his ability to interpret life through lyrics. Many artists steer away from the controversial topics of religion and suicide, but Sak felt the need to address the issue which has personally affected his life and those close to him.

“Lonely Life” is currently available on all digital streaming platforms, and was released under Sak’s label “The Color of Music” on October 29, 2021. The folk and rock-infused singer-songwriter ballad, reminiscent of U2 and early Coldplay, is complete with a detailed soundscape and captivating vocals. It was supported by a self-directed performance video and production contributions from Trystan Couch and Alicia Lenea.

“At its simplest, this song is about an individual who is struggling with their beliefs, ultimately feeling hopeless in their journey through this ‘lonely life.’ I tried to convey a message of hope through the recognition of sadness and feel that if I can express my emotions through a song, in a way, I’ve conquered the emotion.” - Ethan Sak

The music for “Lonely Life,” along with the rest of “Blue,” was written, arranged, produced, and performed by Ethan Sak over the course of quarantine in Sak’s home studio on a 2015 MacBook Pro. The music video and all other assets, which were also directed and produced by Sak, were shot in his hometown of Muscle Shoals, AL at a property he calls “the cabin,” the same one written about in the album. The story will continue to unfold on November 26, 2021 with the highly anticipated release of "Hello Again."

More About “Lonely Life”

In 2017 Ethan Sak experienced something all too relatable to people today; the beginning stages of depression. This compelled him to start reevaluating his understanding of the world while overwhelmed with negative emotions. Those emotions were documented through lyrics to help Sak understand and process the situation while also searching for answers that could not only help himself, but help others as well.

“Lonely Life” became a starting point to self-healing and has developed into a powerful message of self-acceptance for those struggling with depression and anxiety, experiencing a feeling of self-doubt, and a desire to help those individuals come to better terms with their beliefs and morals. Though Sak was able to escape his depression after a 3 year battle, almost 15 million Americans every year experience some form of it; this being only a small portion of the global stats which are forecasted to be at least 4% of the world’s population at a staggering 322 million people.

More About Ethan Sak
Ethan Sak is an American Singer/Songwriter from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He has been practicing his art since age 5 when he was first introduced to the piano. At 13-years-old he discovered his passion and love for songwriting and within a year signed his first publishing deal with NoiseBlock Studios and the famed Gary Baker. In addition to professionally pursuing his music career from an early age he was an avid tennis player, president of his freshman class in high school, and a graduate of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts program which was co-founded by the legendary FAME recording studios in Muscle Shoals, AL.  His original music is influenced by artists such as: Kygo, Bon Iver, Jack Garratt, Billie Eilish, Hozier and Gem Club to name a few. Since the release of his first EP, he has received attention from some of the most credible sources in pop music, landed in the top 40 on an official Billboard chart, embarked on a US national tour, and has independently broken 2M streams on Spotify. Ethan’s creative spirit, captivating performances and ability to connect with people on a personal level through his music and lyrics, have helped him cultivate an organic global following of dedicated fans that stream his music over 40K times a month. In addition to his creative side, Ethan Sak is a business owner and launched his own indie record label “The Color of Music,” which is the interpretation of how Sak hears music; in color. He is currently in the studio finishing his debut album “Blue” which will be released in January of 2022. 

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