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Queensland Tech Company Heightens Investor Confidence Following Security Audit

BODA Token Boosts Safety In Cryptocurrency Offerings, Passes CertiK Review

BODA Token Boosts Safety In Cryptocurrency Offerings, Passes CertiK Review

BODA Token Boosts Safety In Cryptocurrency Offerings, Passes CertiK Review

BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIA, November 18, 2021 / -- BODA Token—the company serving as the driving force behind a new dynamic of trading in digital finance—today shared that the startup’s premier cryptocurrency token BODAV2 has successfully passed a review audit from the market’s leading watchdog and blockchain audit institution, CertiK. This assessment reaffirms what current and future investors in BODAV2 are learning more and more: that BODA Token’s innovative approach to decentralized digital asset exchange puts transparency and intelligent investing at the fore.

“We’re pleased with the results of our appraisal and glad to have a formal review of our process, which reduces risk and increases the financial safety of those who buy, sell, and trade BODAV2,” said Billy Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of BODA. “In this developing ecosystem, the rigorous standards underpinning our smart contract code reflects our mission to develop the highest paying reward token on the Binance Smart Chain, and ensures opportunities for further growth and development.”

Veering away from the industry trend toward volatility and the grind of daily price performance, BODAV2 is geared toward the long-term investor. Instead of chasing fluctuating ups and downs in price points, the BODAV2 token instead automatically delivers 6% of every buy and 13% from every sell to all token holders in BUSD rewards. This means up to 19% in BUSD rewards can be earned just by holding. BUSD, a stable cryptocoin pegged 1:1 to the United States dollar and approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services, lets BODAV2 holders earn passive income on their investments. A community-driven dividend, BODAV2 is structured to prevent token supply hoarders and sale dumps, part of a comprehensive investor-centered model now backed by the static analysis and manual review that come with Certik’s provable trust assurances.

The safety and security seals of approval from CertiK don’t just give a measure of certainty to BODAV2 buyers. BODA Token’s review clearance creates a stable foundation for future growth. From investors getting in on the ground floor to newcomers ready for more than unpredictability, the opportunities on the horizon for BODA Token mean even greater value adds for customers. On top of the company’s dependable decentralized financial token, BODA is developing lending structures through a Yield Farm, wagering and chance Lottery Games, a Token Minter to allow users to build their own coin, and a Token Locker to keep acquisitions safe and locked for a chosen time period. Now and in the future, purchasers will also have access to the thriving BODA community across most major social and sharing platforms.

Learn more about how BODAV2 Token has generated proven results in an already fast-moving and dynamic market by reviewing the company’s CertiK evaluation here.

About BODA V2 Token: Developed from an experienced global team, the BODA Token approach is developing the next stage of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to create a revolution in investing. The Australia-based company prioritizes an approach that pushes cryptocurrency more into the mainstream through safe and secure investment opportunities. Learn more about this new financial option—now backed with CertiK certainty—and connect with the team online at

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