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Lives and Minds of C.W. Manne: BINGE takes readers on an autobiographical, lyrical journey like no other of forgiveness and awakening.

BINGE is a psychedelic, allegorical autobiography. It is both epic in style and genre.”
— Amazon Reviewer
UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- In the simplest terms, Lives and Minds of C.W. Manne: BINGE is a literary suspense thriller. But that hardly does it justice, certainly when you consider what people are saying about it:


“Brilliant and thought provoking.”

“Blew my mind.”

“Epic in style and genre.”

“Pure genius.”

The book, a collaboration of Christopher William Mahne and lifelong friend Sir David Michael Robinson, is the real-life-inspired story of Mahne’s life. In the beginning the main character C.W. Männe is dying in a hospital bed. Following a visit from his Shaman, C.W. awakens from a deep sleep into what appears to be a dream. As his body is shutting down because of a lack of oxygen, he realizes he is not in the midst of a night terror but the worst of all possibilities -- he has been buried alive.

As he frees himself from his grave, desperately trying to figure out where he is and what has happened, he finds himself in a technicolor version of the Amazon rainforest. Here, he will learn that nothing is what it seems, and messages are hidden in every corner of this mysterious jungle labyrinth.

He will soon realize he has entered a surreal world filled with signs and symbolisms of his entire life, where he will experience the most powerful magic and be hunted by unknown mysterious forces. However, nothing comes without a fight on his path to meet death, acceptance, self-discovery, Pachamama, and most importantly, forgiveness on his path of spiritual consciousness.

An enchanting non-fiction piece, the book is spiritually poetic and beautifully written in a captivating verse.

Says Amazon reviewer Tina K., “Like Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this book is transformational and difficult to place in any genre. BINGE is a psychedelic, allegorical autobiography. It is both epic in style and genre.”

Adds Amazon reviewer Heather, “A must read for those in search of the truth. This book takes you along through a journey of a man finding his truths by revealing the source of his anger, fears, sadness, love, and forgiveness.”

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM MAHNE a.k.a. C.W. Männe, started this journey some 50 years ago as a little boy just being. That little boy had tragedies and triumphs as he followed his path to manhood. It wasn't until he did the 12 steps of AA and got sober that his mind had the clarity to want more, heal more, be more and love more. After gaining sobriety, he sought out many spiritual masters who led him to meditation and to ponder “who am I?” Thereafter, he found the ancient plant medicines of Ayahuasca and Yagé, that changed his life forever. BINGE is his story of that haunting and beautiful path to drink from the cup of “pure consciousness.”

SIR DAVID MICHAEL ROBINSON has spent over two decades working as a screenwriter, novelist and poet. Robinson’s body of work is informed by a unique fusion of seminary training and his extensive study of world mythologies. His chronicling of the extraordinary real life of C.W. Männe is the result of over 25 years of observation, collaboration and friendship. Sir David lives with his wife, LB, and four children in San Clemente, California.

Christopher William Mahne
Christopher William Mahne, Author
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