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Every year, millions of dollars in life insurance benefits remain unclaimed. Sometimes beneficiaries can't find their deceased loved ones' policies or, in some cases, may not even know the policies exist. To help solve this issue, the NAIC created the Life Insurance Policy Locator. The Life Insurance Policy Locator is a free online tool that helps consumers find their deceased loved one’s life insurance policies and annuity contracts. 

Steps You Need to Take  The locator is easy to use. Click this link: Life Insurance Policy Locator.  -  Create an account by entering your email address and name.  -  Create a password.  -  Login and agree to the process.  -  Enter your name and address.  -  Submit a search request by entering the Deceased’s information from the death certificate. That includes Social security number, legal first and last name, date of birth and date of death. 

After all required fields have been filled, click on the submit button. 

Your request will be stored in a secure, encrypted database where participating life insurance and annuity companies can access the information through a secure portal. You will receive a ”Do Not Reply” email confirming the request details you submitted. If a policy is found and you are the beneficiary, the life insurance or annuity company will contact you directly, usually within 90 days. 

If no policy is found or you are not the beneficiary, you will not be contacted. Please note that the NAIC has no policy or beneficiary information.