Roovet Local & International Corporation Releases a New Music Streaming Platform for Music Artists

Tony James Nelson II  in Jacksonville FL

Tony James Nelson II in Jacksonville FL

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A new music streaming platform has recently been released by Roovet Corporation. The platform, known as Roovet Sound.

This is a new age of music where the big time record label's cannot control what music is pushed out worldwide”
— Tony James Nelson II
JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, November 11, 2021 / -- A new music streaming platform has recently been released by Roovet Corporation. The platform, known as Roovet Sound, will provide all the emerging or major artists with a platform to share their music and get paid for it. It is a great place for the emerging or waiting to emerge underground music artists to share their music with the world and create an audience or fan base for themselves.

The founder, Tony James Nelson II, built Roovet Sound in 2017 but faced a server failure which led to the site and all its apps being deleted. However, in 2020, Nelson again built the site and re-released it with better features and security. The artists can now upload or even sell music here.

Most of the independent artists are also benefited from this platform as now they can upload their music here and earn from it. These artists can now easily upload music for free to reach larger audiences and create a bigger fan base in less time. This, eventually, gives them success a little earlier than usual.

Roovet Sound has quickly become the number 1 platform for various underground artists as these underground unsigned artists have been their main focus. They have provided them with a platform that will let them promote their music for free. Because of this reason, Roovet Sound has become very popular among underground artists in much less time.

The main issue faced by an underground or unsigned artist is the lack of a target audience. These platforms overcome the biggest issues of these unsigned artists by giving them a good amount of audience and listeners who like their talent. Due to this reason, the artists get so well connected with these platforms.

As these listeners get to hear all the cool and fresh songs, they obviously fall in love with the new talent. And, it seems this is what these platforms have strived for, to provide new and fresh talent to the world. Be it brand new songs from a new underground artist or a refreshing version of an old song, meddled by an unsigned artist. They have it all.

Thus, the more the artists, the more the songs, the more the audience, and finally, the more popularity (for both the artist and the platform). Due to this reason, more unsigned artists are coming towards platforms like Roovet Sound.

They (Roovet Sound) have been successful in providing a great platform to all those artists who are willing to create their name in the industry or even make a difference with their music in the world. Be it a singer or composer or drummer or a band that has not got any appreciation or a bigger platform to showcase their talent. Platforms like Roovet sound are the place for all of them.

Moreover, most of the artists who have uploaded new music have become stars overnight. This is because of the wide span of audiences that one gets there. The music reaches millions of people in just a few seconds, thanks to the internet these days and their (platforms’) well-built apps and online websites. People have been head over heels to listen to new and fresh music every day.

Many big music ventures who are in search of new talent also prefer platforms like Roovet Sound to find new voices and new artists. Moreover, people who are on the lookout for new music and songs, can come here and end their search. With a large variety of genres and artists, these platforms have proved themselves to be the most happening music streaming places for all the less-heard brilliant talent. They have been able to help many underground artists who are looking for a platform where they (the artists) can upload their music for free. Or even those who want to stream their already out song or music at any other platform to gather more audience and fan base (though, a great idea to increase your fan base).

Thanks to Roovet Sound and music platforms like them, all these undersigned artists will now be able to fulfil their dreams. Artists, who have already uploaded their top music or even the ones who are thinking of uploading or are inquiring about these platforms, will now be able to live their dream of showing their musical talent to the world. With this, they will also be able to attract a large number of audiences, which eventually will lead them to earn from their work.

Some of the great artists are born from these unsigned ones, but due to fewer opportunities they never get discovered and this world loses a great talent. This is another issue that is faced by unsigned artists. All these underground and unsigned artists have always been looking for an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Platforms like Roovet Sound have been successful in providing these artists with that opportunity. They give the artists an array of opportunities that can lead them towards good money, fame, and sometimes greater discovery in the music world. And this has not led them down in any way. These artists have been successfully uploading music and winning hearts across the globe.

When the artists are aware of where to start their journey, they already know they are on the correct path and this path will lead them towards success.

About Roovet Sound: Roovet Sound is a platform that gives underground and unsigned artists a chance to promote their music worldwide for free. This platform was built by Tony James Nelson II in 2017 but due to server failure, the website and the application crashed. However, with better features and security, Tony re-launched the website in 2020 and became an instant hit among the underground unsigned artists. They are a great platform for underground artists to upload or sell their music by a song or a complete album. This has made them the #1 platform across the globe for unsigned artists.

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