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"From the Mountaintop" Explores Solitude, Life's Deeper Meaning

From the Mountaintop

From the Mountaintop

Campbell Bolwell

Campbell Bolwell

Campbell Bolwell's autobiography depicts search for existence's purpose

AUSTRALIA, November 8, 2021 / -- A lifetime spent searching for the deeper meaning of existence and its purpose has netted Campbell Bolwell profound realizations that he now shares with readers everywhere. "From the Mountaintop" is an autobiography that relays the author's exploration of religions and how he then went on a solitary journey of study and experience, to test theories and principles due to his unwillingness to accept anything on faith alone. This is his story and the truths he has unraveled.

"From the Mountaintop" portrays the author's extraordinary adventures and experiences across his fruitful life, which informs his theory of spiritual evolution. He shares life moments, observations and the contemplations he had while undergoing deep meditation. Bolwell shares concepts of advancing the human consciousness and his thoughts on how people are all spiritual entities living temporarily in the physical plane to accrue wisdom. He also depicts how living life to its fullest and pursuing existence’s deeper mysteries have been essential in how his character developed. Readers can learn much from his work, which can inform them on their own journeys and help center them in a chaotic and often frightening and disorienting world.

"I wanted to pass on the knowledge I obtained to other ‘seekers after the truth.’ I probably gained the most benefit personally because writing makes you focus on the ideas and beliefs you establish. I hope others will also benefit from their own self-assessment." Bolwell says. With his book he shares his learnings but also encourages readers to embark on their own journey of discovery, to find their own truths. "I want to encourage them to stand back from the clutter of everyday life and sit apart (on the mountaintop) to consider the deeper meaning to our lives, and discover how best to move toward the attainment of wisdom."

"From the Mountaintop" has received numerous positive reviews. According to one reviewer on Amazon: "Given all that is going on in the world right now, this is a great book to pick up and just enjoy. The world is chaotic, depressing, and we often look around wondering how we are going to fix this mess we are in, or just survive to the next week. Campbell gives us that pause, he gives us an opportunity to look back on things and really think about what matters to us without telling us what should or should not. I recommend this to anyone that needs to lift their spirit and that have questions about why the world is the way it is and how they can be a positive change today."

About the Author
Campbell Bolwell is now in his 70s. He was born during the Second World War in the outback of Australia. A widely travelled individual, he is the founding director and chairman of the Bolwell group of companies. He is still actively working and enjoying life's challenges. For his book he has been interviewed by Dr. Angela Chester for Daily Spark TV and has also been in several local radio interviews.

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Campbell Bolwell, author of From the Mountaintop