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Entrepreneur and Transformation Coach, Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari, Announces The PSC Academy

Master Jeff Jafari on how changing your habits is how you transform your life

Master Jeff Jafari on how changing your habits is how you transform your life

PSC Academy Logo

PSC Academy Logo

Courses centered on teaching people to get into ‘The Zone’ and realize their full inner potential

Changes in our habits change our lives.”
— Master Jeff Jafari
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 8, 2021 / -- Educator and entrepreneur Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari has trained people of all walks of life to reach the best version of themselves, professionally, personally and even spiritually. Now, he is pleased to announce the expansion of his exclusive, revolutionary, and motivational transformation academy to the United States: Philosophy of Success (PSC Academy).

The PSC Academy master program is a 48-hour training-intensive course in which students will garner valuable skills in transforming negative mindsets into more positive ones, all while motivating them to make an upward trajectory in their lives. The inspirational speaker and transformation coach has offered seminars and advice to thousands of people, all over the world, and now has his sights set on America, to help students discover themselves, because of the inherent ability to constantly seek self-improvement.

“If you have the aspiration to do something to benefit the human race, the U.S. is the best place to do it,” Jafari said. “People are so open to knowledge here and, for me, this is perfect, because I don’t invest in companies, I invest in people.”

Known to the world as ‘Master Jeff’, Jafari has been called “the Tony Robbins of Persia”. He created his personal development program and brand, garnering numerous accolades along the way. He has been featured in Forbes for his entrepreneurial advice, including its Top 6 Advice from Entrepreneurs column, is searchable in the Top 1000 on Google, the Top 20 of Instagram’s Most Recommended Accounts and Top 10 by both Yahoo! Finance and Influencer Daily, as a top entrepreneur of 2021 and celebrity business owner, respectively.

Jafari is the founder and CEO of both Buildgoal, Inc., and the PSC Academy, Inc., which provides international training seminars to educate individuals in realizing their true potential and adopting more healthy habits. The site serves as a springboard for students to tap into what he calls, ‘The Zone’, which is the core belief that everyone has access to a version of themselves that is considered the best version of themselves. Additionally, it is a lifestyle void of anxiety, limiting beliefs or thoughts and fear. In guiding people to get into ‘The Zone’, he has helped over 100,000 students reach their optimal selves and fulfill their goals and dreams. He has also developed more than 5,000 life coaches as well.

Stay updated on Jafari’s PSC Academy, which launches on Wednesday Dec. 1st, 2021, via the official Instagram account.

About Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari
Jafar Jafari was a self-made millionaire by age 20 and both an entrepreneur and educator with over two decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of the PSC Academy, Inc., and Buildgoal, Inc., serving more than 100,000 students and helping develop 5,000 coaches in nearly 40 countries. For more information about ‘Master Jeff’, please visit him on Youtube or on his site:

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