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Streamer ClixTV expands their Universe.

Plex significantly increases the footprint for the six shows that we have on ClixTV. We are proud to support ClixTV in their continuing endeavor to expand their viewership.”
— Curt Doty, Founder, Vertuoso
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, US, November 5, 2021 / -- ClixTV®, multi-platform streamer at the intersection of entertainment, e-commerce and technology, launches its free streaming service on over 80 channels, web, and apps, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IMDb TV, Box One, LG Smart TV, and all Plex TV channels as well as on, IOS and Android. ClixTV reaches more than 100 million online viewers monthly, and 120 million over-the-top (OTT) television homes.

Vertuoso founder Curt Doty says, “Plex significantly increases the footprint for the six shows that we have on ClixTV. We are proud to support ClixTV in their continuing endeavor to expand their viewership.”

The Born to Explore video series will journey to unpublicized corners of the globe to share compelling stories of the wildlife, diverse cultures and natural wonders of our planet. The series will draw from over 130 Emmy® award-winning episodes with the potential to create a variety of themed specials.

Baking with Chickens
Host Christina Wong and her backyard chickens welcome you to their weirdly wonderful world of baking. Her chickens lay more eggs than they can eat... so she created a baking show featuring her chickens and their eggs! The show serves up a slice of nerdtastic humor pie topped with talking chickens, baking recipes, and fun factoids.

Craft Room Crash
Jane Clauss is a two-time EMMY winning television personality. Currently the host of Creative Living on the COX Media Yurview Network, and host of Living Healthy Chicago on WGN TV. She can also be heard as a featured guest host on 720 WGN radio. Jane is a do-it-yourself maker with contagious enthusiasm, a rip-it-apart and remake it sense of humor, and a bigger is better attitude; all on the rocks with a twist and olive! Her YouTube show Craft Room Crash has her visiting “makers” all over the country and getting the inside scoop of the DIY industry. This is no “Plain Jane”; she is the crafty, modern domestic diva who is clever and inventive in all aspects of her life.

The Mom List
From Elena Melener, two Mom "besties" have joined The Wholesome Mothering Group, led by locally famous parenting guru, Courtney. When Courtney introduces The Mom List, daily activities helping Mothers become more connected and present so their kids will be less likely to become drug addicts and/or serial killers, these two friends eagerly take it on. Yet, exercising while drinking margaritas is probably not what Courtney intended and screaming daily affirmations to your children from the car doesn't have the same effect. Though through a few Mommy misadventures and a few sips of Courtney's Kool-Aid, Liz and Molly learn to expand their horizons beyond motherhood and margaritas.

Smart Eats
From Everything Food comes Smart Eats featuring chef Monti Carlo, on-air personality on Food Network and the Cooking Channel and Co-Founder, Director of Culinary of Everything Food. Smart Eats is a new series of digital shorts that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey across Southern California to explore America’s flawed food system and learn more about the high-quality producers that are trying to fix it. With each episode, Monti learns what to watch out for when it comes to popular foods. From “Free Range” cattle that feast on expired candy to “All Natural” cereals preserved with petroleum, Smart Eats exposes some of the shadiest practices in the grocery game and shows us how to make better choices.

This is Splooge
From director Peter Ventrella comes the documentary, One Step Back: The Rock & Roll Odyssey of Splooge, a rollicking adventure, full of heart, humor and unforgettable characters, this true story is a testament to the power of music and evidence that a dream can sometimes be realized in the most unexpected of ways. Members of the New Jersey rock band Splooge have spent 20 years creating original music in anticipation of their big breakthrough. But as they approach their 40th birthdays, they are still stuck playing bars and block parties. It looks as if their dream has hit a dead end. That is, until a concert promoter hears their latest songs and offers them a chance to go on a cross-country tour of Ireland.

Doty adds, “Vertuoso continues to provide a home for content creators to expand their audience. We look forward to more deals on new shows soon.”

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