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First Time in India – AI Powered Study Planner App for All Students

deepstudy Timebox

DeepStudy help students to create and download their weekly timebox and adopt the habits of highly influential people

Eisenhower My To-Do

Deep Study is a simple and effective To-Do List and SMART Goal setting App that help students to schedule, manage time, stay focused, remind about deadlines and organize life at School/College, Home and everywhere else.


DeepStudy helps students to practice the proven step-by-step shortcuts used by top 1% successful people

DeepStudy Apps includes everything students need to reach their goals, wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface.

Deep Study helps you to practice the proven step-by-step shortcuts used by top 1% students & successful people all over the world to score high grades or life victory by working smarter and not harder”
— Sujai G Pillai
KOLLAM, KERALA, INDIA, November 5, 2021 / -- DeepStudy App comes up with the most innovative digital solution for students. The app helps students to take responsibility for their future as well as present learning as they learn to develop their technological, intrapersonal, and interpersonal and most importantly develop their academic skills, in the most convenient way.

This is an AI powered study planner that has made learning interesting and easy. A completely FREE app, it helps students in including exam details or any syllabus for better organizing and management. The popular time boxing method is used for better organizing and learning.
Not just for students, DeepStudy helps tutors in setting up a digital classroom. Parents get all the support needed to monitor their child’s performance, ensuring that their studies and related activities are completed on time. Students have the option of creating small groups with Study Buddy, so that they can have collaborative learning.

An Interesting Study Planner for Students:
Students love the app because it is quite like a game for them. The app allows them to set goals and fix their weekly target. Through the app, they can conveniently stay connected with their tutors, friends and parents, helping them to achieve their milestones. The app provides helps students to monitor their progress with features like To-Do list. It’s a smart way to help students and track their goals.

The Most Innovative App Available:
With techniques like SMART Goal setting, Time Boxing and Eisenhower Matrix, this is certainly the most advanced AI-powered app available in India. Such techniques are used by many successful people like J.K Rowling, Bill Gates and Elon Mask.

The App Creators – A Brief Introduction:
The creators of this App are highly talented and experienced professionals.

Mr. Sujai. G Pillai – He is also the the CEO of DeepStudy Technologies. He was the founder of the popular online portal 2tion in 2006 and BookBucketChallenge. Mr. Pillai is selected as one of 20 MyGov Ambassadors of PM Modi’s Digital India.

Mr. Arun P S - He is the Director of THiNC Digital Learning Pvt Ltd which is considered amongst the top Design entrance coaching centers that has more than 10 branches across India.

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About DeepStudy:
DeepStudy is an app that is designed for students, parents and tutors. The app is designed to help all students develop their academic skills that help in mastering complicated information in a short time so that results improve quickly. Tutors using the app can help students to build their academic skills as they can assist them in specific areas where students find difficult to comprehend.

Sujai G Pillai
DeepStudy Technologies
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DeepStudy Apps helps students to create a system that form Atomic Habits that followed by most influential people of our era