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Public Comments Sought on Potential Delisting of Gould’s Wild Turkey

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Public Comments Sought on Potential Delisting of Gould’s Wild Turkey

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (Department) is initiating an investigation into potentially removing Gould’s wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo mexicanus) from the state list of threatened and endangered species. Pursuant to the Wildlife Conservation Act [17-2-40 NMSA 1978], investigations into delisting a species may be conducted based on new biological evidence. Gould’s wild turkey was listed as state threatened in 1974 due to its limited range within New Mexico and uncertainty about its abundance at that time. Results of sustained field research conducted by the Department in recent years, in conjunction with a successful augmentation of the Peloncillo Mountains population, indicate that recovery criteria specified in the Gould’s Wild Turkey Recovery Plan (April 2017) have now been met. The delisting investigation will be conducted by Department Resident Game Bird Biologist Casey Cardinal and Recovery Coordinator John Bulger.

At this time the Department is soliciting comments and concerns from the general public about the potential delisting of Gould’s wild turkey. In accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Act, we are accepting data, views or information about the biological or ecological status of the species for use in the investigation. A public repository file has been created to document the delisting investigation and to record public comments on the process.

Public comments will be accepted throughout the delisting process. Comments received prior to February 18, 2022, will be considered in the development of the Delisting Proposal. Once the draft proposal is finalized, it will be available for review on the Department’s website at

Please direct comments, questions, and information to John Bulger at, or Department of Game & Fish, One Wildlife Way, Santa Fe, NM 87507.


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