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DIY Website vs. Professional Web Designer: Expert Insight by Digitalpha Media, a web design agency in Toronto

Website of Digitalpha Media - Web Design in Toronto

Website of Digitalpha Media - Web Design in Toronto

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Digitalpha Media - web design agency in Toronto

Does a DIY website is the best business practice? OR working with a professional web design agency is better for a business?

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 5, 2021 / -- According to Christian Janell Tapic, co-founder of Digitalpha Media, a web design agency in Toronto, it's best to work with a professional, one that works toward effectively growing your brand online. While it seems like a great idea to have full control over the site’s appearance, functionality, and content, there are many reasons to reconsider. If this is not part of day-to-day responsibilities in business operations or marketing when building a website may not be the best practice - it could end up costing time that could be better spent elsewhere.

It's easy to get caught up in the details of what makes a website successful, and it's difficult to know when it's the right time to invest your time or money in DIYing it.

Here are five thoughts to think about as a business owner considering a DIY website vs. working with a professional web design agency:

1. What stage of business is it at now?

If it's a small business startup it may be best to go to the DIY website route. Not only will this save money for more important parts of the business but also because over time things may change and investing large sums of money into a web designer now might not give you returns later on. If a business is bringing in a consistent income and are settled into the brand identity, it is the best time to hire a professional web designer to see how creating a modern and strategically designed website with SEO in mind could help a business grow.

2. Tech experience.

Website builders that allow anyone to build websites yourself are simple to use, even if an individual has no HTML, CSS, or JS coding experience. A DIY website is probably the best bet if an individual has both design and technological abilities.

3. Eye for website design.

If you're not comfortable selecting out colors, fonts, and layouts that are appropriate for your business and represent you as an expert, but don't want to hire a professional designer because it's too expensive or time-consuming, then perhaps working with one might be a smart idea.

It is important to have a strong brand for a successful website, therefore using a brand template or semi-custom brand as a basis might be beneficial. If website layouts leave you perplexed, though, opting for a carefully constructed website template can be an excellent method to empower you to create your site.

4. Planning for how the website must function to assist the business operations and growth.

Because of their DIY nature, website builders have limits on how much you can personalize your website. This is fantastic since you won't be overwhelmed with plenty of alternatives. If you don't need anything too sophisticated with added features or a lot of customization, DIY website builders may be the ideal solution for your company.

5. What’s the cost?

The last thing to consider before deciding whether to DIY a website or hire a professional web designer is the budget. If a business doesn't have much money and need a quick return on your investment, a professionally designed website may not be the best option. That's because websites generally take time to pay off in terms of increased traffic, leads, and conversions, so they're a longer-term investment. However, if a business has a few months until the runway runs out and can afford to pay upfront to see the long-term benefits, this may be an indication that it's time to ignite the flames and invest in a professionally created website.

Choosing between a DIY and hiring a professional website design agency to build your custom website comes down to what's the business is looking for, how much time is required, skill level, cost, the functionalities needed, and how customization needed to get with the branding and website.

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