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Auto Dealers Nationwide Find Relief With New Solution to Help Fight Inventory Crisis

Buyback Acquisition Ads

Buyback Acquisition Ads

Buyback Acquisition Videos & Carousels

Buyback Acquisition Videos & Carousels

Reporting & KPI's

Reporting & KPI's

Using a new buyback approach with behavior-based programmatic ads-at-scale auto dealers are able to replenish their inventory to meet monthly sales goals.

We use a combination of over 30 proven static and video creatives in multiple ad sets to increase appointments with prospects who are ready to sell their vehicle quickly”
— Sean Marra

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, USA, November 4, 2021 / -- CLIKdata, a division of Integrated Media Partners, LLC, announced today that in July 2021 they released a new buyback acquisition playbook to help automotive dealers get ahead of the forecasted inventory crisis. It worked and is now available in every region.

CLIKdata's Social Hub Adtech platform deploys behavior based programmatic ads and allows easy management and optimization on a highly scalable level. Along with 36 other playbooks the newest Buyback Playbook offers an immediate solution for dealers to find shoppers who already have desirable model lines and entices them to outright sell their vehicles to a dealership before they go to a big box retailer like Carmax, or Carvana.

The playbook includes 4 types of campaigns including Traffic, Prospecting, Leads, and Retargeting.

"Targeting local shoppers, friends and family with a desirable offer to purchase their vehicle outright is helping dealerships replenish their used cars faster than traditional new car marketing," says Sean Marra, CEO at CLIKdata.

The Buyback Acquisition Playbook:

- Is generating first-party leads for dealerships.
- Finds prospects with desirable model lines and entices them to sell their vehicle outright.
- Uses a combination of 30 static and video creatives deployed across multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
- Results in high engagement rates from shoppers who are ready to buy, sell or trade vehicles.
- Deploys from the Social Hub AIO platform and offers transparent reporting, KPIs, and the ability to save on ad waste.

Ad delivery and inventory syndication use Social Hub AIO as a powerful multi-channel ad-tech that builds a dealership’s presence in multiple areas online to keep their ads in front of in-market auto shoppers where they are spending time on social media. Social Hub has the ability to deliver dynamic inventory ads to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, MSN Autos Marketplace, Tiktok, and Pinterest.

The platforms managed done for you service is available to U.S. franchised and independent dealerships who want to increase sales and service revenue while reducing ad waste. You can learn more information on the Social Hub AIO Buyback Acquisition Playbook here:

About: CLIKdata is an Adtech and marketing services company focusing on helping automotive dealers grow their businesses with innovative marketing services like Google My Business (GMB) PowerTool, Social Hub AIO (all-in-one) adtech, and Easy Shopper Mobile Wallet Card.

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New Buyback Acquisition Playbook