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Improve K–12 Engagement in Virtual Learning With Lindy Hockenbary’s New Book: A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning

3D cover of the book "A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning"

"A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning" helps educators create engaging, active digital learning experiences.

The author shares practical strategies to help teachers feel confident teaching in online environments, adding to the few resources available for K–12.

The author brings her experience as a classroom teacher and instructional technologist to focus on the “how-tos” of remote learning.”
— InTECHgrated Professional Development
BOZEMAN, MT, USA, November 2, 2021 / -- The educational sector has been impacted severely by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, instruction moved to a virtual format, and a year and a half later, many students are still learning virtually. Most educators have never taught in a remote setting and need help achieving successful online teaching.

Lindy Hockenbary has been at the forefront of virtual learning for almost a decade. She decided to do what she could to help her fellow K–12 educators. Her book, "A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning," helps educators create engaging, active digital learning experiences. Lindy brings her experience as a classroom teacher and instructional technologist to focus on the “how-tos” of remote learning. To provide a well-rounded perspective on the topic, other classroom teachers, school leaders, and instructional technologists have contributed to "A Teacher’s Guide" as well. The book was designed with K–12 teachers in mind, but most information can be applied to postsecondary/higher education learning environments.

The book tackles new virtual instructors’ most common questions, including:

- How to engage learners in a virtual environment
- How to develop relationships with students that are never seen in person.
- What classroom management looks like in an online class
- How to assess students when there is no way to know if they are looking up all the answers
- How to ensure clear communication since it is not possible to stand over a learner’s shoulder and guarantee that a task is accomplished
- How to communicate with and support the families of online learners
- How to ensure equity when students are never in the same physical space

Reader testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Tom Lademann, LuminEd, had to say: “Lindy takes all her experience helping learning practitioners leverage technology and packages it up in an easy-to-read and handy manual. This year as teachers have pivoted back and forth from in-person to online, they have all struggled to figure out how to utilize technology in a meaningful way. This book gives you the appropriate background and foundation to begin to make a difference in your students’ online learning endeavors.”

Wayne Poncia, CEO of Hāpara, had this to say: “These practical strategies to improve K–12 student engagement in virtual learning come from a highly respected, hands-on practitioner, Lindy Hockenbary. An excellent read and a long-term handbook for teachers.”

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