An Appeal To The Undecided Voters Of New Jersey - Governor Murphy Has Earned The Right For A Second Term

This is proof of his drive to do public good.

A leader for all New Jersey.

For a thriving future please chose wisely. Vote for Phil.

The Governor has proven that he has the focus, integrity, experience, and knowledge that these troubling times require. He is more than equal to the challenge.

From being part of the 1% and creating wealth for himself Phil chose to work tirelessly to make our lives healthy, happy, and prosperous. By voting for him we will be doing ourselves a big service.”
— Sajid Khan
TRENTON, NJ, USA, November 2, 2021 / -- "I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. My passion is to identify the best choice for governor. I have over 3000 published articles on wisdom. I have a US patent on how to measure wisdom. As wisdom is the chief quality of all outstanding leadership, I can measure leadership. Phil passes my leadership test with flying colors. I am afraid his opponent Ciattarelli does not even come close.

"Please review the following to judge my wisdom expertise:

"Also, please google 'sajid Wisdom.'

"The failures of society and the mess in social standards are based on the expertise of our leaders. Phil has the right leadership qualities that the times are crying for. He now has a proven track record of being more than equal for the job. 

"With Phil Murphy as our next governor, we know what we are getting: an accomplished leader who rises to the top with whatever job he chooses to undertake.

"He focuses on addressing the right priorities that New Jersey needs. Public service is a way of life for him. He has the knowledge, means, passion, and drive to serve and succeed.

"In these tribal times when his opponent is for the wealthy 1%, Phil has shown his tribelessness and has loved, cared for, and worked for everyone, right, left, and center.

"Phil has proven that to achieve progress; he does whatever it takes, from changing laws to refining the system and changing priorities." 

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