Aventis Singapore unveils new logo and mission towards Empowering a Smarter Workforce

Award Winning Corporate Training Provider, Aventis Learning Group strives to empower A Smarter Workforce with launch of new services and rebranding.

SINGAPORE, October 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Aventis Learning Group, a multi-award-winning corporate training solutions provider has rebranded its visual identity and mission to reflect a deep dedication to achieving customer success with advanced AI data-driven decisions. As the rate of digitalisation and business transformation continues to accelerate in today’s post-pandemic world, it provides a unique opportunity for Aventis’ branding to be synonymous with the catalyst to Empowering a Smarter Workforce. The bold and forward-looking brand identity aims to reflect on their position as a modern and future-focused corporate training solutions provider, responding to the rapid changes and the growing demand for cutting edge corporate training solutions.

Empowering a Smarter Workforce

Aventis’ rebranded corporate identity supports the vision to be the World’s Most Customer-Centric Workplace Solutions Provider that helps companies to Empower a Smarter Workforce. As an esteemed corporate training solutions provider that promotes lifelong learning and digital transformation, their revised branding epitomises this.

Aventis’ new logo evokes a feeling of inspiration and forward-lookingness. The upward-pointing lines signify movement, positivity, speed, and velocity. The two pillars at the sides converge as the ‘A’ symbolises the two core pillars of Aventis which are the corporate training and higher education arms respectively. The two pillars can also be interpreted as the road leading to new horizons. The inverted triangle represents the focus to leverage on AI technology to enhance their training delivery and customer experience. Ultimately, Aventis will be focused on data-driven decisions to achieve customer success.

“Moving forward, we aim to offer exciting in-demand courses and workplace solutions to help our corporate clients to transform their business to a greater height. Our brand relaunch represents the natural evolution of the transformation process.” shared Aventis Learning Group’s PR Manager, Ms Lim Chye Fen.

“Our new identity is designed to be innovative, modern, and professional which are aligned to the corporate solutions we provide companies and clients who are seeking holistic workplace solutions and corporate training requirements. While our brand name remains the same, our logo has transformed significantly to better represent us as a holistic Workplace Solution provider. We will be extending our greatest support to our clients to aid them in their organisation’s training and development, and that’s our promise to our clients.” added Ms Lim.

Leading Corporate Training Provider in Singapore

The new corporate brand strategy elevates the Aventis’ corporate identity and supports its rapid growth as a leading training solutions provider in Asia. It’s imperative for Aventis to reflect and promote their company for the tremendous values they offer. They have grown their business significantly over the last few years with greater demand for upskilling and customised training solutions. This, coupled with the launch of several new initiatives including their highly popular webinars, podcasts, and a microlearning platform that has helped to reach a significant milestone of 60,000 learners across Asia.

The rebrand solidifies Aventis position as an industry leader, offering innovative training solutions and unparalleled client service and customer success. In conjunction with their new brand identity, Aventis Learning Group also refreshed their slogan to reflect on their new focus ahead, to Empower a Smarter Workforce. The launch of the new logo and slogan builds upon Aventis’ existing branding with an improved identity that reflects Aventis focus as a modern training solutions provider for the future.

AI Powered Course Recommendation and Training Solution

Aventis is also proud to announce the launch of its latest services, IBM Watson Powered AI Course Recommendation and Training Management System (TMS) which will greatly improve the productivity of their clients. Leveraging on IBM latest Deep Learning and NLP Technology, the system will provide highly accurate course recommendations for learners. The TMS automated workflow will enable HR and Training Administrators to easily register and retrieve any training records by streamlining and automating the entire training administration process.

About Aventis Learning Group

Aventis Learning Group is a multi-award-winning corporate training provider in Asia. Aventis Learning Group is part of Aventis School of Management, a leading graduate school that offers graduate diploma and masters degree programme in partnership with renowned Universities partners from UK and USA. Established since 2008, Aventis has a successful track record of over 60,000 learners across Asia.

For more information, please visit:
Aventis Learning Group www.aventislearning.com
Aventis School of Management www.aventis.edu.sg

Ms Lim Chye Fen, PR & Marketing Manager
Aventis Learning Group
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