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Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT) Research on Consumption for Health Preservation of the Generation Z

Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT)

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, BEIJING, 中国, October 29, 2021 / --

Those born in the 1960s are doing exercises while those born in the 2000s are preserving health. It is the Generation Z that is now a primary force in health preservation, resorting to food nutrition, healthcare products, exercises and aromatic massage. There are so many diversified ways for the Generation Z to achieve that goal. Almost everyone of this group has one vacuum cup, applying facial masks while staying awake at midnight, or soaking goji in Coca-Cola . A new punk-style health-preservation created by this generation is featured by keeping the YOLO spirit while nurturing their health.

The market of health preservation for the Generation Z reveals huge growth potential and has thus become a field of high growth where competition is fierce for the capital market, consumption market even the academic circle. The growth flows from high focus on and product iteration for the Generation Z and promotes with tags of “blocking off carbohydrates”, “improving sleeping quality”, “skin-whitening” and “anti-aging” which precisely capturing what makes the Generation Z so anxious about health. According to Rong360's survey, more than 50% of the Generation Z spends over CNY 500 (~$80) on health and life preservation per month.

What are the health issues troubling the Generation Z? What way of health preservation is the Generation Z most zealous about or suspicious of? What kind of products would they love to buy in a market worth trillions of yuan?

In China, the Generation Z could be defined as those born between 1995 and 2009. Statistics reveal that the scale of active users of the Generation Z in China reaches 275 million, or 19% of the national population. As an indigenous group on the Internet, they started to use Internet-related technologies ever since their cognitive awareness began to develop. And they have been embracing new and emerging business formats that are rapidly iterated and upgraded. This explains their natural dependence on the Internet. Meanwhile, they live at a time when the Chinese economy roars upward, producing sufficient materials and prosperity. And they have a high recognition of Internet-based consumption. Against this background, most of the Generation Z likes to experience things, has remarkable personalities and is longing for recognition. They are the most personalized group but most easily subject to external influence. Consumption concepts, habits and models for youngsters represented by the Generation Z are leading a blossoming economic development, creating new consumption and novel ways of life.

Targeting at concepts about health preservation and the status quo of relevant consumption for the Generation Z, this issue of Rong360survey focuses on and explores this group’s profile, consumption features and habits.

Rong360 launched a questionnaire survey for the Generation Z from September to October, 2021, in order to understand its behaviors and profiles in terms of health-preservation consumption, and to figure out new consumption trends of the young group.

Based on contents in the survey, it starts with a group profile of the Generation Z, consumption profile and transaction behaviors to understand its consumption concepts and preferences in health-preservation.

As for the sample scope in this survey, it covers 31 provincial administrative units across the nation and surveys the group of Generation Z (aged 12-26) among which 1% is between 12-17 years old, 46% is between 18-22 and 53% is between 23-26. Respondents have various diplomas, ranging from at or below middle school education, technical secondary school education, high school education, higher vocational school education, college degree, bachelor degree and master degree.

As for how this survey is done, mostly it relies on filling out the questionnaire whose design focuses on collecting subjective responses of respondents and explains professional terms in plain language so as to help them better complete the questionnaire.

Based on this survey, Rong360 concludes:
1. More than 50% of the Generation Z spends over CNY 500 (~$80) on life-preservation and health and wellness products.
2. More than 90% of the Generation Z reckons that a healthy diet is the most important way of life preservation.
3. The punk-style life-preservation methods created by the Generation Z are so diversified, ranging from applying the most expensive eye cream while staying awake all night, to soaking goji in Coca-Cola. Nearly 60% is obsessed with collecting exercising and body-building videos online. In their opinion, collecting such videos equals doing exercises themselves, which equals to getting slim.
4. Staying up late and overuse of mobile phones and other electronic products stand out among bad living habits for the Generation Z, both exceeding 3/4.
5. The top three most challenging health issues for the Generation Z are: skin issues, degradation of eyesight and loss of hair.
6. Over 80% has taken vitamins, mineral supplements or other healthcare products. But 13.6% says that they don’t trust the efficacy.
7. When it comes to snacks and beverages, nearly 40% emphasizes the importance of taste while paying less attention to the intake of calories. However, over 10% responds that they would try their best to refrain from snacks and beverages.
8. The most favorable sport for the Generation Z is outdoor sports (nearly 70%); over 30% says that sports are to keep their bodies in good shape; nearly 58% indicates that they would like to spend 5%-10% of their monthly salary on sports.
9. As the saying goes, when you are in your middle age, you can’t say no to hot water with goji in your vacuum insulated bottle. In fact, over 80% of the Generation Z has already had their own vacuum cup.
10. Over 98% has purchased at least one health insurance.

Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT)
October 15, 2021

Data and information provided by Rong360 survey team are calculated and analyzed based on the collection of large sample data and surveys on small samples as well as other research methods. Rong360 also suffers from limited data sources and techniques applied in statistical analysis. As a result, calculated and analyzed data results and information produced by Rong360 with respect to above-mentioned methods only serve as references while Rong360 takes no guarantee for its accuracy, completeness, applicability and non-infringement. Rong360 has nothing to do with legal consequences resulting from any institution or individual in citing relevant data and information or taking any actions based on the foregoing data and information. Consequential disputes or legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the perpetrator.

Other Notes for the Report
In the next stage, Rong360 survey team will continue applying its capabilities of doing sectoral researches and analyzing data to present detailed and thorough analysis, interpretation and business insights in fin-tech. Please follow us closely.

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