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A literary alliteration by Harris Dee telling the true - and funny - story of the longest ever Christmas. Embellished.

Book release brings lighter side to overcoming Covid

(first time author)

The book explains what happened to make this West Country village of West Farthings got its 2020 Christmas street lights erected despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

This true volunteers story will brighten your run-up to Christmas and bring a smile to your face.”
— Harris Dee

LONDON, OXFORDSHIRE, UK, October 29, 2021 / -- Surely too early for Covid comedy, all those deaths? “If it is done truthfully with a positive and simple message - that we overcome adversity in the end - then it’s not too early,” said author Dee. “It isn’t supposed to be a story of how a pandemic killed hundreds of thousands of people and how that changed families’ lives; it is a gentle comedy which reflects real life experiences during that period but also shows how the pandemic affected Christmas.”

The novelette covers the two-Christmas period from November 2019 right through to March 2021, and how it transpired to make 2020 the longest Christmas ever.

The village lights’ team of ageing volunteers - many in their 70s and 80s - pulled out all the stops to cover the village streets in lights and decorated trees just the same as every other year at a time when it looked like Covid would put paid to Christmas. How did they do that against the odds when Covid rules and regulations nearly forced the cancellation of the festive period altogether?

Shops weren’t open, the volunteers were not allowed to go out and do the work and yet it became a great success and the longest Christmas ever. “It also reflects on the little things we all experienced during that period,” said Dee, “and I’m hoping people will nod and say “panic buying, yeah, yeah we did that! We’ve all been there!”
The book is not meant to reflect on the darker side of the pandemic, but hangs on those quirky little Covid related habits that many people picked up for the first time throughout the lockdowns, even to finally getting the weekly shopping delivered by your favourite supermarket for goodness sake!

It pulls on your conscience - did you put on your mask, gel your hands, which rules did you follow? Were you an Elf and Safety fanatic? This story might make you think, hopefully make you laugh - oh, and watch out for those elves, they ‘figure’ strongly.

It is also interesting to see how the characters involved coped with the restrictions - or not. There are plenty of corny Christmas laughs and there’s a teasing ‘affair’ to get the tongues wagging.

“The factual part will shine through but readers will have to make their own minds up about the rest of this story - fact or fantasy fiction embedded deep in the WC?” said the author. “Don’t worry, it’s not too difficult.”

This is Dee’s first plunge into the publishing pool but he is planning on releasing an autobiography he has been working on for over 12 years, just before Christmas.
“I tried many times but never got around to finishing it,” said Dee. “But after working on Eggnog and Drumsticks and getting it sorted in a couple of months, I thought now is the time to finish the longer book - more than four times bigger.”

A former journalist for over 40 years, Dee received the MBE in 2003 for services to regional journalism.

"The inspiration for the story was easy - just like in every walk of life during the pandemic, it is a story of people going the extra mile for no reward but to make life better and happier for others,” he said. “The inspiration for the title jumped out after watching far too many American Christmas movies during lockdown - if you haven’t guessed it already then you’ll just have to read the book!”

“It’s a tribute to all volunteers and full time workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide support in many ways to others. It is also to remember the people who have sadly died from Covid."

Eggnog and Drumsticks - The Longest Christmas, by Harris Dee, available in paperback from Amazon on October 29th (£6.50) and on Kindle Ebooks.(£3.00)

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