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Qrates & Fat Beats Establish Press-to-Order Global Vinyl Distribution Network for Retailers

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Duckwrth 'SG8*' Album Art

Duckwrth 'SG8*' Album Art

Duckwrth’s 'SG8*' LP will be first vinyl project distributed via new partnership

Vinyl for independents is far from dead; it’s growing! It’s about time independents got a piece of the pie.”
— Taishi Fukuyama, Co-Founder and CMO at Qrates
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 / -- Qrates is continuing its mission to democratize vinyl for independent musicians and labels by signing a new agreement with iconic hip-hop distribution company, record store, and record label Fat Beats. The deal will allow select Qrates vinyl projects to be picked up for in-store distribution through Fat Beats’ network, which includes hundreds of independent record stores across North America such as Rough Trade (NYC), Amoeba Music (LA/SF), Newbury Comics, Zia Records, Bullmoose, Criminal Records, Sunrise (Canada), plus hallowed international institutions like Sounds of the Universe (London), Gibert Joseph Musique (Paris), Rush Hour (Amsterdam), Disk Union (Japan), and dozens more.

Rather than guesstimating the total number of records to press and distribute, Fat Beats will promote selected vinyl projects from Qrates directly to its retail network, soliciting firm, pre-paid orders and working with Qrates to eliminate waste by pressing only the agreed-upon number of records. This eliminates financial and inventory risk for independent labels and artists, who need not put any money down for the pressing or store unsold records in their basements, while Fat Beats’ strong presence and influence in the hip-hop market ensures their music is featured in some of the most influential record stores in the world.

The first Qrates project to be distributed through the partnership will be Duckwrth’s new LP, 'SG8*,' which was released digitally on September 3rd. The project, which follows Duckwrth’s 2020 critically acclaimed album 'SuperGood,' features the singles “4K” featuring Phabo and “Make U Go,” plus six other tracks inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapper, who just wrapped a 2021 headlining tour, caught the attention of pop superstar Billie Eilish, who will be taking Duckwrth on the road with her in March 2022. To preorder a copy of 'SG8*' on vinyl, visit

“With the process of pressing and selling vinyl records becoming more difficult for independent artists and labels, Qrates’ mission is to buck that trend and once again prioritize these releases — this partnership with Fat Beats helps us do exactly that,” said Taishi Fukuyama, Co-Founder and CMO at Qrates. “By teaming with Fat Beats, we are opening up new opportunities for them to sell their music in this highly lucrative, in-demand format, all with zero risk, zero waste, and zero upfront costs. Vinyl for independents is far from dead; it’s growing! It’s about time independents got a piece of the pie.”

“We’re big fans of what Qrates is doing for the independent community and are excited to kick off our partnership by bringing Duckwrth’s 'SG8*' LP to vinyl,” said Joseph Abajian, founder of Fat Beats. “By working together, we can eliminate many of the biggest problems associated with vinyl distribution while giving worthy projects a major boost through our retail network. We look forward to working with Qrates much more in the future.”

"I’m excited that my new project, 'SG8*,' gets to be the first as a part of this exciting union between Qrates and Fat Beats,” said Duckwrth. “Providing a platform for physical retail distribution to indie artists is a game changer. As a personal lover of vinyl, I can attest to there being nothing like hearing your favorite album on the record player and even more so hearing your own music on wax. 'SG8*' is a special one for me as it marks not only my personal hope of a brighter future, post COVID, but of my own independence as an artist. I am glad I am able to tap into something like Qrates and the legendary Fat Beats to make it available on another medium to the world."

The Fat Beats partnership expands upon Qrates’ own retail store network, available at no additional cost to all Qrates users, which includes distribution to stores such as Waterloo (TX/U.S.), Rough Trade (U.K.), HMV (Japan), Music Millennium (OR/U.S.), Juno (U.K.), and HHV (Germany).

To learn more about Qrates’ partnership with Fat Beats, visit For more information on Qrates, visit

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Qrates (pronounced “crates”) democratizes vinyl for indie music, as the world’s premier destination for fast, hassle-free creation, financing, distribution, discovery, and sales of records. To date, over 6,000 artists have created and distributed vinyl records to over 140,000 fans using Qrates, which has paid out over $2 million to artists. All an artist needs is their final recording and art design, and they can create a campaign, master the audio, upload the cover art, and distribute the final recording directly to fans as well as to online and physical record stores around the world. Because Qrates has direct relationships with pressing plants, it is able to turn around orders more quickly than other companies. And with free warehouses in North America and the U.K., music is never far from the fans.

Launched globally in 2015 by a team of technology experts who decided to use their expertise to expand access to this fast-growing physical format, Qrates helps artists and labels take advantage of one of the most lucrative formats in the music industry today. Currently, a Qrates artist who sells 300 vinyl albums for the average price of $26 apiece would earn around the same as they would from 1 million streams, depending on production costs and shipping. In addition to crowdfunding campaigns, which require no money down, artists and labels can also deliver their projects via Qrates-powered direct-to-fan orders, or simply have the records pressed and sent to them.

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