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Gratitude Lodge Takes a Closer Look at Holistic Therapy and Its Use in Addiction Treatment

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / -- Addiction treatment methods have evolved over the past few decades to incorporate holistic approaches into standard therapies. It's no surprise that leading rehabilitation centers like Gratitude Lodge employ these holistic modalities to help patients achieve full recovery.

According to rehabilitation experts at Gratitude Lodge, holistic techniques encompass various aspects, including spiritual, psychological, and physical. Addiction treatment specialists treat individuals by formulating custom regimens to achieve positive patient outcomes. Some therapy techniques employed as part of the holistic approaches fall under alternative or complementary treatments.

Holistic Rehabilitation Programs

Rehab programs include these modalities to target various psychological and physical aspects instead of dealing with a single element of a patient's behaviors or symptoms. In doing so, it becomes easier to correct a broad set of underlying issues that contribute to the development of an addiction problem.

These rehab programs also employ standard techniques, such as detoxification programs and ongoing sober living support measures. When implemented correctly, these interventions can help patients deal with addiction withdrawal symptoms, stress or depression, eating disorders, emotional problems, and the lack of spiritual grounding.

Some interventions employed by rehab specialists at Gratitude Lodge make it easier to correct a theoretical energy imbalance through techniques focusing on psychophysical aspects. As a result, patients who undergo holistic therapy have an increased chance of achieving long-lasting sobriety or recovery.

Addiction patients at Gratitude Lodge benefit from various techniques, such as yoga, art therapy, breathwork, and sound baths. In addition, the treatment center allows patients to bring their four-legged friends to the facility. This approach enhances patients’ ability to recover, thanks to the therapeutic benefits of interacting with pets during addiction recovery sessions.

How Gratitude Lodge Employs Holistic Therapy

The flexibility of holistic therapy increases the chances of attaining long-lasting recovery. According to Gratitude Lodge's rehabilitation specialists, the aim of a holistic approach is multi-dimensional. Some of the objectives include:

Counteracting the urge to consume drugs
Bolstering physical fitness
Suppressing cravings associated with eating disorders
Boosting self-awareness and self-confidence
Resolving underlying causes of drug addiction

Rehabilitation experts at Gratitude Lodge have many years of experience dealing with drug addiction problems. They employ techniques like art therapy to achieve the desired results.

Art Therapy

This technique reinforces a patient's self-awareness and self-esteem. Additionally, it helps identify the source of conflicting and negative emotions, allowing an individual to understand the underlying problems that trigger addiction. In doing so, it becomes easier to resolve the challenges and regain control of emotions.

Art therapy is more effective when combined with other forms of complementary and standard therapy. It also encompasses creative outlets, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and collage. By providing a creative outlet, this technique enables patients to channel conflicting emotions and thoughts into artwork.

Gratitude Lodge incorporates this technique into its addiction intervention programs for the benefit of residents. Patients taking part in focus groups engage in art therapy and other activities aimed at bolstering recovery.


Inpatient residential treatment programs also involve breathwork techniques aimed at improving the well-being of an individual. This technique targets the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects using modern Western practices and traditional Eastern medicine practices.

This technique plays an integral role in holistic therapy by inducing positive emotional and psychological benefits. To achieve the desired objective, a patient focuses on adjusting breathing patterns assisted by a trained rehabilitation expert. Breathing techniques make it easier to harness mind control and generate positive energy. Practitioners at Gratitude Lodge use various breathwork techniques, depending on a patient's psychological and emotional situation.

Apart from helping individuals deal with addiction issues, breathwork is also useful when combatting depression, anger, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and grief.


Addiction patients benefit from performing yoga as it improves their physical and mental well-being. This technique plays an important role in holistic therapy by helping patients become mentally stronger, flexible, and resilient. It involves a combination of breathing techniques, physical posturing, and concentration.

Depending on the type of yoga involved, addiction patients may undergo rigorous sessions or less physically demanding routines. As a result, it becomes easier to achieve calmness and mental or emotional balance. Rehabilitation professionals at Gratitude Lodge organize group yoga sessions to help residents deal with anxiety, depression, and stress.

The yoga sessions help resolve these underlying symptoms, which often contribute to addiction problems. This practice is effective because it helps patients deal with unresolved feelings. By reconnecting with their feelings, addiction patients gain critical insight into the negative energies that trigger addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction typically undermines an individual's ability to connect with their body, mind, and emotions more objectively.

Exercise as a Holistic Therapy Technique

Gratitude Lodge's rehabilitation specialists understand the importance of exercising to support treatment for substance use disorders. As with yoga, exercise enhances a patient's ability to connect the mind and the body after long periods of drug abuse.

Exercise kickstarts the recovery process, improving an individual's mood. It caters to a recovering patient's emotional and physical needs since anxiety and depression usually accompany addiction.

Dietary Changes

Addiction issues usually compromise an individual's balanced nutritional intake. In turn, a poor diet exacerbates overall health and mental well-being, worsening the situation. Addiction patients may also experience increased side effects, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

For this reason, rehabilitation experts integrate nutritional interventions as part of a holistic treatment program. This approach helps create a critical balance between the mind and the body.

About Gratitude Lodge

This inpatient residential treatment facility serves the residents of Southern California. It operates three treatment centers in Long Beach and Newport Beach. Gratitude Lodge treats a variety of disorders, including alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental disorders, to help patients live normal, productive lives.

It runs five rehabilitation programs to suit the needs of patients. These programs include inpatient rehab, sober living, holistic therapy, outpatient rehab, and substance abuse detox.

Gratitude Lodge provides access to luxurious accommodation facilities to individuals participating in the inpatient residential treatment programs. Its three centers are pet-friendly, enabling residents to bring their pets to the rehab facility.

To learn more about Gratitude Lodge's in- and outpatient treatment programs, call us at (800) 994-2184 or visit our website.

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