National Command and Staff College Launches Consulting Services

Chief Bill Cooper

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National Command and Staff College launches consulting services to bridge gab between current state and to be.

The Consulting Division of the National Command & Staff College will DELIVER RESULTS with EXCELLENCE”
— Dr. Mitch Javidi, Chancellor & Founder, National Command & Staff College
HOLLY SPRINGS, NC, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- This week the National Command and Staff College announces the launch of it’s new Consulting Division. In providing these services we aim to enhance public safety organizations’ ability to provide best in class and state of the art services to all constituents.

The highly regarded consultants provide expertise in organizations with constrained finances and resources to operate better with less with services that can immediately be put into effect.

So What Can Public Safety Organizations Expect From the Consulting Division?

- Organizational Health Assessments
- Objective review and recommendations of your agency
- Organizational and Leadership Development
- For the growth and development of leaders to address current and future challenges
- Lean Six Sigma Optimized
- Organizational Culture and Transition
- Use of a comprehensive and structured change strategy to overcome issues and challenges
- Budget and Financial Management
- Organizational Concierge Consulting
- Addressing a complex ecosystem of business practices, policy and procedure, training, culture, community expectations and other emerging challenges
- In today’s VUCA world there is a greater need to address evolving concerns over the organization’s financial position through wise economic education and community investment in the agency
- Training staff using one of the most powerful management systems ever devised to lower costs, complete work faster, maximize productivity and significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness across the organization

Our consulting team includes highly experienced and trained experts who have actually been involved in and worked through these issues, have trained and/or consulted with many agencies with success.

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