BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Historic First Halving Event to Occur October 31, 2021

BTC/BTCZ Halving Comparison

BTC/BTCZ Halving Comparison

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Historic First Halving Event to Occur October 31, 2021

We are seeing lots of "Tokens" with Trillions issued by founders who get rich, BitcoinZ is a Crypto on its own Blockchain with Smaller Supply & Fair Start, a Real Project that will Outlast Token Scams”
— BitcoinZ Core Developer Team
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, October 27, 2021 / -- Cryptocurrencies are set to enter the mainstream financial markets as S&P 500 companies such as Tesla begin to accept Bitcoin payments. Another promising coin BitcoinZ or BTCZ, is on its halving track. This Event is Expected to Occur at BLOCK Height 840,000 and anticipated to occur sometime on October 31st 2021. This is the very first Crypto to Halve on Halloween and was not intentional but makes for a festive event.

Halving on the BitcoinZ blockchain is scheduled to Occur every 4 years as a way of using a synthetic form of inflation that halves every four years until all BitcoinZ's are released into circulation. For More Info on the BitcoinZ Halving please visit the Official Halving Page.

With Anticipation of this Halving, the BitcoinZ Project has noticed drastic increase in engagement with its BlockChain:

1) The number of Transactions on the BitcoinZ Blockchain has increased 500%+ in the last 3 months leading up to Halving
2) Mining Hashrate has increased 488% in the Last 7 days
3) Discord Membership Increased 322% in the Last 30 days
4) Facebook Likes increased 15% in the Last 30 days
5) At time of this Writing BTCZ Price is up:
a) Last 24 hours +21+%
b) Last 14 Days +39.6%
c) Last Year a Massive +929.8%
6) Army-Z was Created and the Membership is soaring.

A huge initiative was recently started called: Army-Z where BitcoinZ Members Can Earn BitcoinZ Coins for Spreading Social Awareness and the Membership is soaring. Learn more About Army-Z.

Bitcoin is back in the game. Cryptocurrencies are gradually entering the mainstream financial industry today, as evident by the acceptance of these digital pieces of currency by several well-known worldwide brands. The time may not be too distant now when it could well become the official exchange mode, replacing the fiat currencies. Today, more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies are available, including Bitcoin, which continues to be the market leader. However, many retail investors regret having missed the wave of Bitcoin, for which they shouldn't worry about as they can get their hands on BitcoinZ, which is said to be Bitcoin 2.0.

What Is Bitcoin Halving: The Concept
Every time a miner adds a specific block to the Blockchain, they get rewarded with a particular amount of newly-created Bitcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) has a limited/finite supply of 21 million. Its founders wanted to extend its lifespan and also make it a deflationary asset. Hence, they introduced the halving concept where miners' rewards are halved every 210 thousand blocks or approximately four years. The last such bitcoin halving happened around May 2020, with the previous one occurring in July 2016. The next one is due around 2024.

The History Of Bitcoin (BTC) Halving And How It Affected The Price: An Analysis
The thumb rule so far has been simple "Bitcoin's rate improves after each halving." Statistics from the previous three halving bear ample testimony to the fact.

2012 Halving: BTC Went from 50 BTC Per Block to 25 Per Block,
Price Day of Halving was $12.35 but Jumped to $127 just 150 days later

2016 Halving: BTC Went from 25 BTC Per Block to 12.5 Per Block,
Price Day of Halving was $650.63 but Jumped to $758.81 just 150 days later

2020 Halving: BTC Went from 12.5 BTC Per Block to 6.25 Per Block,
Price Day of Halving was $8,821.42 but Jumped to approximately $48,000 just 150 days later

Thus, one can infer that the price of Bitcoin has increased manifold after each halving. The same is expected of BitcoinZ. As of date (October 25, 2021), BitcoinZ pricing is as follows: 1 BTCZ = $0.0007543 Check out our Online BTCZ-Calculator
The Current BitcoinZ Price is around 3,300% lower than its All-Time High reached on January 9, 2018 which was $0.033584

What Is BitcoinZ or BTCZ?
BitcoinZ is a revolutionary digital coin or crypto currency, having the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the advantage of being an entirely community-driven coin. Thus, there is no specific owner or CEO for BitcoinZ. As BTCZ implements the PoW approach (Proof of Work), it is minable like Bitcoin.
BTCZ is a cryptocurrency in its own right and is not a Bitcoin Fork or an airdropped coin to Bitcoin. BTCZ had a transparent launch in September 2017 with no pre-mining, Instamining, ICO sales, or developer's fee.

BitcoinZ Halving
BTCZ has a finite supply of 21 billion coins (against 21 million Bitcoins), making it easier for pricing without involving long decimal numbers. Like Bitcoin, BitcoinZ offers a reduction of its block rewards every four years, a process known as BitcoinZ Halving. This process gives a fair chance to the existing and new miners of BTCZ against other cryptocurrencies' speculative plans that target huge rewards to their initial miners alone by halving rewards at quick intervals.

As BTCZ will complete four years of its existence this year, the first halving is due in October 2021. Among other benefits, one can expect the price of BTCZ to skyrocket on halving, similar to what happened with Bitcoin.

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